Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The 100 Season Three Episode Three Recap

The 100 Season Three Episode Three: Ye Who Enter Here

Get ready for some serious political intriguing - this is the episode with plots within plots within plots. Lets get straight to it.

Queenie 'saves' Wanheda and proceeds to tell her she was at no fault for the Mt. Weather fallout - 'What would you have done?' and Clarke is understandably super pissed. Still. Oh, and Queenie asks her to join the Grounder club as the 13 Colony Coalition. Clarke just has to bow to her, in front of everyone, first. At least that option stays away from the cannibalism thing - no hearts required! Yay!

See, now here's the thing I don't get about Clarke (and some other characters who pulled this crap in earlier seasons). She says she left, she says she's out of it, she doesn't want to have anything to do with anyone and... okay? But in a world where literally everything and everyone is hostile WHAT THE HELL IS SHE GOING TO DO? Are you honestly telling me Clarke, cupcake from space, is happy living as Tarzen in this insane world, chasing down jaguars, ripping the throats of animals out with her teeth, rolling in the mud (and in the bed of random hot strangers)?? That just seems... stupid.

Well, with the capture of Wanheda comes a Summit (another Summit. Didn't we do a Summit and that Summit ended with a large bang that killed everyone in that particular Summit?) and that means the Skylanders and Grounders AND Ice Nation has to come together. So of COURSE that means intrigue and assassins and danger!

Idiots have gone back to Mt. Weather because they are idiots who ignore politicing. This scene is eerily familiar and somewhat foreboding. Teens Ect. drop off supplies at Mt. Weather, Bel leaves on a mission, Octavia turn-heel-flounces and Bel's Girl is inching her way towards death because I am TOTALLY CALLING THIS: she's going to die soon. They are WAY too happy - you know what that means.

Intriguing Point One:

Princey and Blondie high in a tower... doing intrigue. He apparently pulled a knife out of thin air and hid it under Clarke's pillow so she can murder Queenie. Sure, why not. Clarke has the extremely non-enviable position of being in the center of All Of It. She can murder Queenie, and take the chance that the little Prince will keep his word, and not slaughter her Skylander people. She can do nothing and let the two warring peoples kill each other. She can bow to Queenie and let her and her people be assimilated into the Grounders. All tough choices.

Queenie is doing some intriguing of her own; she's on the brink of war and the technology and knowledge of Clarke and her people would be a huge asset.

But what about the Ice Nation, you didn't think they were going to sit idly by? Here is Bel's old cage-mate from last season - an Ice Nation citizen who brings news of dismay and trouble to Bel and Team Teen. Trouble! Mayhem! There is going to be an assassination at the Summit! They can totally trust her - Bel freed her from a cage and that's a bond that lasts for life.

Meanwhile, will Clarke stab Queenie in the throat? Nnnnope. Clarke makes the decision to become a Grounder and therefore makes everybody from the Ark a Grounder too. They just might survive the coming war.

The Doc and Marcus are doing pretty good as Commander and Co-Commander. Marcus seems to have found his calling with this peace union/politicing schtick and Abby relents her position as Skylander Queen. Well, I guess that just leaves one thing:

One bowing Blondie. The Sky folk are now the thirteenth Grounder Clan.

But what's this!?:

An assassin lurking in the midst! This is one hot episode, I have to admit. The Summit is gathering, tensions are already high. Bel and Co. are slaughtering their way up an elevator shaft trying to reach the leaders in time to prevent the assassin. Marcus is initiated into the Grounder club via a branding iron and Bel crashes the party!! THEY'RE SAVED, HOORAHHH- wait, what?

Nnnnnope. Turns out Mr. Assassin's target was Mt. Weather this entire time. Raven is attempting to get the codes to the missile launching pad and sends Bel's Gal to the president's office to look for vital clues. Hooooo, CRAP. Mr. Assassin assassinates the ever-loving shit out of Bel's Gal AND I CALLED IT!!! True Love strikes again - remember kids, NEVER FALL IN LOVE because they will die tragically for plot.

For some reason Mr. Assassin has the launch code tattooed on his arm (what, too good for paper or a freaking pen? Do Grounders have pens? Why must everything they do be so dramatic?) and instead of launching a missile, like I thought was going to happen, he instead enters the self-destruct sequence which OF COURSE means everything is going to blow up because DRAMA. Let us all bask in the exceedingly disturbing frame of the last seconds of countdown through the eyes of Bel's Recently Deceased Gal.

Damn, this show is morbid on occasion.

Mt. Weather and those inside go BOOM.

Shit hits the proverbial fan back at the Summit and I think its safe to say they are now at war.

Let's end this episode with a look at the other side: the Ice Nation. Bel's Cage-mate has made it back to say yes, she successfully screwed with everyone and Ice Queen has the war she wants. But who is this?

No, seriously, who the hell is this? Like they call him the last surviving Mt. Weather doood but... I have no recollection of him. That explains how Mr. Assassin knew the codes though, eh?

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