Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The 100 Season Three Episode Four Recap

The 100 Season Three Episode Four: Game of Watch the Thrones

Plots be plottin' in The 100. Let's start off this episode on a sort of jarring note:

Queenie is having her council and brings in... the Ice Queen? Like... wasn't the last time we saw her (literally at the last second of the last episode) she was 'mwa-huh-huhing' with the dude from Mt. Weather? And now she's a political prisoner? MMkay, I feel like we missed something in between episodes here but, sure, let's roll with that.

Queenie intends to bring justice and retribution for the slaughtered Skylanders and asks Clarke what they should do BUT OH SNAP! The Ice Queen turns it around and asks the Council to vote out Queenie. Apparently taking in Wanheda and the sky-folk was seen as an act of weakness (?!?) and Queenie's manhood is at question here. And let's take a small break to observe the continuing absurdity of the Grounders beef with the Skyfolk because it MAAKES NOOOO SEEENSEEE. Like, literally, the first thing the Grounders did was fucking IMPALE JASPER in the chest with a spear for the crime of... walking through a forest. The entire manufactured hostilities between the two forces MAKES NO SENSE. Especially when you consider they Sky Folk have preserved humanity's technology -in case it wasn't very clear civilization is defined by the technology we possess and in that case the Grounders are little better than caveman knocking two rocks together. Fucking idiots should be doing EVERYTHING in their power to make good with the folks who can literally bring humanity back from the brink.

But, no, let's STAB EVERYONE because REASONS. Good idea.

Anywhoo back to Game of Watch the Thrones. Since Queenie's manhood is on the line she has to FIGHT TO THE DEATH with the Ice Queen's chosen Champion - her son, Liam Neeson wannabe Prince whatshisname.

Clarke is getting good at this intrigue stuff - she goes straight to Prince Neeson trying to turn him against his plotting mother (there is NO WAY that woman is old enough to have a grown ass son like that, thanks Hollywood, for your ever-increasing terror of women with wrinkles) and while he initially refuses he turns around and goes 'weeeell, I can't kill her BUT YOU CAN'. Hmmmm.

Back at Skylander Central Bel and the folks are dealing with the fallout of having nearly forty people killed in a suicide mission. Tensions are pretty bad, there is a lot of hostility towards Grounders (ALL Grounders) and Lincoln is caught in the middle. Nothing good will come from that. Also

What the hell is Jasper doing? Like, why can't he just walk out of the compound like a normal person. We will commit a part of this episode to nonsensical Jasper antics that make me want to shove him over a cliff.

Our drunken hobo cupcake wanders back to the original site of the Teens and pukes venomous emotion all over his remaining and last friend, Monty. On one hand, this is a pretty good portrayal of someone who has been broken in half: writhing in self-loathing, full of barbs, venom, hatred and hurt - pushing away anything that might help. But its also self-destructive and Monty can take only so much so he leaves. On the other hand can someone please put another spear through Jasper already?

Blondie continues Intriguing, this time with the Ice Queen herself. She aaaalmost makes it but

Whoops, she just pisses off the Ice Queen more and we learn another tidbit about this new world: Nightblood. Which.... will probably be explained at some point in the season.

Back at Skylander Central Bel is having a nice chat with the Rabble-Rouser who has gotten increasingly.. vocal in the last episode. Bel is going down the path of Jasper, after having lost his Gal in the attack and is hurting and probably ain't thinking straight. Good thing Rabble-Rouser is here to inflame the pissed-offness of the people. He convinces Bel to unlock the door to the guns so they can have themselves a nice little shootout with the Grounders camped outside the base. Sounds like a GREAT plan!

aaand FIGHT!! I gotta admit, this entire scene was hella fun. At first it seems like Queenie is going to bite it but damn Queenie has got some MOVES and she kicks the crap outta Prince Neeson, who at this point is done with the world (and his mother)

who is doing her best impression of the worlds worst Tiger Mama, and is screaming at him to get up and fight. So what happens? In the greatest and grandest of Grounder traditions:

Queenie harpoons the SHIT out of the Ice Queen. Damn.

The crowd is stunned, Clarke is glad her Queenie is alive and Queenie shouts, 'LONG LIVE THE KING'. Ohhh Queenie got some politicin' moves of her own!

Of course it wouldn't be the 100 if we didn't leave the episode with a bit of a cliffhanger

Lincoln manages to be the wall between Bel and Stupid Decisions so the Grounder Slaughter was put off for a night. BUT! Rabble-Rouser got some moves of his own: he turns the Sky Folk against Markus and the Doc so now the Rabble-Rouser is the new Chancellor/Lord of the SkyFolk!!

Oh dear. In one fell swoop he undoes all the alliances Markus and Abby made with the Grounders and says, 'TO WAAAARRR!!!' Idiots. All of them.

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