Monday, February 29, 2016

The 100 Season Three Episode Five Recap

The 100 Season Three Episode Five: Hakeldama

Ding Dong, the Ice Queen is dead and let's begin this episode with a little recap.

We had some serious intrigue-ing and politic-ing and harpoon-ing in the last episode and now as it stands Queenie is the reigning Queen, Clarke is caught in the middle and the Sky crew are pulling some seriously stupid bullshit.

See, this is what happens when you elect a Rabble-Rouser to be your president-in-chancellor. Everybody dies. I have two minds about this plot development. Its seriously stupid writing. Its ridiculous to point of breaking all suspension of disbelief. Maybe, MAYBE if I squint sideways and glare reaaaal hard I can understand Bel/Sky Crew slaughtering off their allies because emotional pain or whatever but mostly? Its just stupid and a shitty move to push tension and Plot.

Well, let's roll with that. There are a number of people who oppose the random wholesale slaughter and Octavia is sent outside the camp to see what's going on. This seems like the perfect time to reintroduce an old favorite.

Our Original Evil Overlord has returned with great tidings! His follower gets gutted and killed in front of him and E.O. is just like, 'Its cool - Death is not the end!'

You know who else spouts that rhetoric? Cultists. And some religious folk; sometimes there IS a fine line between the two but in this case I'm calling E.O. batshit crazy until the Plot proves otherwise.

Speaking of which, what the heck is John and his Gal up to since escaping the clutches of E.O. ? Robbing... people in the road, apparently. Right. We'll come back to them.

While I do have problems with Octavia's character I wholeheartedly embrace the development of her character, as by the third season she's become a fierce smart young lady who is involved in the action. She makes it outside the camp and we see the horror that the Rabble-Rouser has brought. Like, EVERYBODY is dead and now tensions are rising inside the Ark. Lincoln is being repeatedly targeted for being an ex-grounder and finally something snaps and he's 'quarantined' and... did they MEAN to make a bunch of war-time allusions to actual U.S. history? Hm.

Well, this seems like the perfect time for Evil Overlord to gather new recruits for his cult, seeing as how the majority of them are already dead gone to the City of Lights. Poor suckers. Who should happen to wander by but Raven? Her leg has been getting worse, or rather, she's having trouble adjusting to being a cripple and won't rest her body or take the Docs advise and what a perfect moment for E.O. to step in and 'show her the way'.

By now Octavia has brought word to Queenie and Blondie about the slaughter and Queenie is all for slaughtering back. Clarke steps in and says I CAN FIX THIS (I'm seeing a theme here) and sneaks into the Ark camp.

Awww, Bel and Blondie reunited at last! Except, Bel is kind of off his rocker at the moment and puts a lot of blame and anger on Clarke for abandoning them. Understandable but Blondie is doing her best to keep everything from falling apart and does her damnedest to keep the oncoming slaughter of both sides from happening. Bel responds by handcuffing her to a chair. Wow, you know things are bad when Octavia agrees with Blondie and kicks the crap out of her brother to allow Clarke to escape.

Let's see, John gets captured when robbing Grounders backfires and nobody cares and

Clarke makes it back to Queenie who is all set for ANOTHER war, this time with the slaughter of the Sky folk. Ohhh, things look bad BUT - Queenie really is something because she might be the first Grounder in the history of Grounders who decides NOT TO KILL. Holy crap. I wonder how THAT will work out?

Let's end this episode with a focus on Raven, who is having a really rough time. As she plods through the mud and rain she considers her options, and out of desperation and misery chooses to take the little blue pill the Evil Overlord so helpfully handed to her earlier in the episode. NOOOO RAVEN!! Don't go down the rabbit hole! Drugs are not the answer-

Except when they are. They pain disappears, she's healed and-

AAGGHHHHH HAL 2000 shows up to steal her soul set her to work.

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