Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Okay, now that The 100 season two is done I went back and linked all the recaps on the Recap Page and I went through Hulu and found our next recap series:

The Dresden Files, ta daaaaaa.

and I'm going to apologize in advance, folks - I chose it because I've tried watching it before and had issues with the character so I'll likely be poking fun at it and also its free because I don't have a Hulu Plus account (I should probably do that so I can recap a Doctor Who season).


  1. Since the Dresden books seem popular with the same people who like the Nightside books, I can already guess some of your complaints. I've read some mention somewhere of Harry Dresden being not the most feminist guy ever. (haven't seen or read any Dresden myself; Skyrim has eated all my TV time for the past pretty-much-ever. I gotta finish my homework quick so it can eat some of my time tonight!)

  2. Skyrim :D actually, that was my plan. Shower then Skyrim. Such a fascinating life we lead.