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The 100 Season Two Episode Thirteen Recap

The 100 Season Two Episode 13: Resurrection

I guess The 100’s popularity is greater this season because apparently we have more than 13 episodes this time, woooo! Also, I am very pleased with this episode - this was actually a passable and well written story that hardly left any room at all for me to poke fun at.

So! Last episode things went Boom and Blondie’s in the dog house seeing how she knew things were going to go Boom and didn’t do anything to warn anyone. Blondie has regrets but is still wandering the forest with her new BFF Queenie, who is trying to justify letting everybody die (except, well, everybody DIDN’T die because all of our mains are still alive. What kind of crap super missile was that anyway?)

I vote Scary-ass Co-leader for new Leader because girl not only SURVIVED the bombing, she leaps out of the rubble, brushes herself off and goes TIS’ BUT A SCRATCH.

Then gets sniped by the Mt. Weather spotter. Damn.

Clarke decides, what the hell, let’s go kill the Mt. Weather spotter, maybe it’ll make me feel better about sacrificing a whoooole lotta people.

Lincoln is there to drag Scary—ass to safety but she ain’t having NONE of ex-reaper Lincoln and says I’D RATHER DIE THAN LET YOU TOUCH ME, basically. The remaining camp can’t do anything until someone takes care of the sniper picking them off one by one (man, talk about over-kill, as if bombing the summit wasn’t enough…)

Taking advantage of the confusion Doc Mama slips into the underground er, vaults? Building? Whatever is left of the underground ….area, anyway and we find Idiot Overlord barely alive and pinned down by rubble.

Our 48, er, 43? Are meanwhile preparing for invasion and THIS time they had better get it right because Mt. Weather has shown they apparently don’t mind killing children they brought in to protect when it benefits them.

And, wow, they totally got it this time; they take care of armed guards with the fervor of homicidal monkeys on a rampage. BUT! You knew there was a but – BUT, the one redshirt girl Jasper promised nothing was going to happen to, is TAKEN!!

Poor thing is dragged to the Killin’ Room for bone marrow removal and ALL SEEMS LOST, until Bellamy arrives and saves the day. I am SERIOUSLY liking Bel in this season. I knew his path was that of Hero in the first season, but that it would also be a while until he got there (I also see unfortunate implications of romance between him and Clarke, and please don’t let that happen – even though this being YA it probably will)

Cleaning Girl is totally embracing her role as Revolutionist and brings her dad into it (and he’s TOTALLY THAT GUY FROM SANCTUARY WHO PLAYED ADAM WORTH!!! )

Bel rides off into the sunset.

Blondie and Queenie in a forest, looking for a camouflaged sniper. In the dark. Without any clue as to where to start.

Idiot Overlord appears to be bleeding to death AND THEN THE ROOF FALLS DOWN. Doc Mama and Idiot Over lord are BOTH pinned underneath the rubble.

Cleaning Girl’s days of Revolution are sadly numbered – the Fop Prince is onto to her and rigs her with an oxygen suit with twenty minutes of air and an ultimatum; give up and your Cleaning Girl dies.

Doc Mama decides this is a good time for a confession, seeing how two tons of dirt and concrete are going to crush them pretty soon. She admits that she has raised a monster and Clarke knew this was coming and didn’t say anything.

Idiot Overlord is either super forgiving now, or on his last pint of blood and hallucinating because he rhapsodizes poetic about their own failings living on the Arc. See, NOW Doc Mama remembers shoving her husband out an door lock and gee, hm, maybe Clarke did what she thought she had to do for their survival.

Octavia is now Super Girl and rallies the surviving Grounders to start digging for survivors, even as the sniper is still taking pot shots at them. She totally pulls an Action Hero move by lighting a fire, causing smoke and using it to move unseen to get to her buried friends.

Where IS that damn sniper anyway, and what’s taking Blondie so long? Well, she met up with Lincoln and Mt. Weather Sniper dude’s days are clearly numbered. Ohhh, McAbs is SO CLOSE but is tripped up by Mt. Weather technology that affects Reapers. Lickety Abs is taken hostage and Sniper Dude says I HAVE A KNIFE, DROP YOUR GUN.

Blondie has had a very hard night and she’s not putting up with anybody’s shit; home girl SHOOTS THROUGH LINCOLN and kills MT. Weather Sniper dude.

“Feel better?” asks Queenie. And, nope, Clarke doesn’t feel better but at least they can carry out a rescue mission to save the survivors.

The Fop Prince is outwitted because not only does Cleaning Girl survive she has recruited Revolutionaries!!! Who are willing to take in the kids and protect them, as not everyone is down with the remarkably screwed up evil antics of the Fop Prince.

Yay, hugs and happy times for everyone! The kids are (kind of) safe and the Grounders are able to rescue a bunch of people who were buried.

Clarke is forgiven (sort of?) by Doc Mama, Idiot Overlord survives his femoral artery being slashed and bleeding for twelve hours or more (oh the perks of being a main character) and finally Scary-ass Co-leader brushes off a bullet wound to the chest to accept McAbs back into the tribe and tell Octavia to GET MY ARMOR BECAUSE WE’RE A’KILLIN’ TOMORROW!!

Let’s end this episode with the wise words of Doc Mama to Blondie – ‘Don’t forget we’re the good guys’

Which is… hmmm, y’know it’s a funny thing but most people who commit atrocious crimes throughout history believed they were the ‘good guys’ sooo….


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