Friday, March 13, 2015

Agent Carter Review

I have a thing about spin offs; in my experience it just doesn't work. You're just trying to milk the cash cow when you should be exploring greener, better pastures. Disney is a fine example of this, do we really need a goddamned sequel to every Disney movie under the sun??



Agent Carter has been one of the most refreshing, amazing, well-done series I've come across. I would rather have three seasons of Agent Carter than SHIELD. Full stop. And sadly, we may not get that. As you know, often with innovative script writing (Firefly, Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls) if it doesn't rake in the cash, they cancel it - not giving it a longer chance for more people to hop on the fandom wagon. Firefly is an excellent example, and one of the worst losses for television. This should have easily had at least four seasons, and knowing Joss Whedon, the ending of Firefly would have been life altering.

But it didn't make money (at first), so they canceled it.

Agent Carter is currently eight episodes which concludes it's trial run first season. I don't know if they will make more (it seems unlikely). We begin our season with Peggy Carter, Captain America's movie tie-in almost girlfriend who never quite got there because he became a Capsicle. Amazingly, Carter is the central focus of this retro spy thriller series. She is an amazing hero and all the gendered bullshit tropes are sidestepped as she can handle her own, is smart, competent, constantly kicking in heads and not a romantic interest, eye-candy or prop for a male protagonist.

Do you people realize how RARE that is? It just doesn't happen. She isn't tits n' ass, she isn't the twit going 'my heeerroooooo' and in fact, they make fun of that idiotic trope in an episode.

Social justice aside, it's just plain good fun.

Howard Stark is more bearable and human than his son, and has loads of incredible technology that has been stolen by some bad people. Jarvis is absolutely wonderful as Carter's butler sidekick, I cannot tell you how much I ADORE him. Carter goes lone wolf to clear Stark's name when her fellow agents treat her like a glorified secretary and you know the best part? She let's them have it with both barrels, calling them sexist idiots (not is so many words) and the only reason they end up losing so many agents is because of their blind sexism.

There are some terrifying undercover assassin's, beautiful costumes, amazing effects with Stark's technology and an ending that made me want much, much more. If you were undecided on watching it, go watch it. Eight episodes of retro spy thriller awesomeness with a beautiful, sharp and strong lady protagonist.

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  1. I liked it better before the "psychologist who's so skilled he can control your mind" came in. Mind control feels like a cop-out, like they needed plot to happen but couldn't think of reasonable ways to make it happen so they go with mind control. But I enjoy the other characters, the setting, and Jarvis being wonderful.