Monday, February 16, 2015

The 100 Season Two Episode Eleven Recap

The 100 Season Two Episode Eleven: Coup De Grace

Last time we left off with our emerging hard-core leader mode Blondie who sent Bel to Mt. Weather, not knowing the plan to infiltrate went more or less sideways as he was captured for 'harvesting'. What does harvesting include?

A really rough shower, I guess. Well, given the constant grubby state of everyone I'd imagine this is the first time water and a scrub brush has touched him since he landed on Earth. I ... guess? that's supposed to be blood water dripping through the grates but I don't see any wounds so just... Drama for the sake of Drama?

Meanwhile Jasper is having a full meltdown; this is probably the first time in his life he's been without Monty and he's been missing for two days. Cleaning girl chides him not to do anything crazy, so you know what that means. Time to do something crazy.

Blondie rides onto glory! And an ambush/assassination attempt. (Also I'd like to point out that Doc Mama, alarmingly, scoops up some water from a puddle for her to drink, all the while I was sitting there going uhhh NO. NO NO NO, you don't drink water from puddles!!! Only if you have a mad desire for tapeworm and God knows what other bacterial disease. Clearly, the writers have never been in the outdoors before.)

As per the status quo, RIGHT BEFORE Blondie is head shot-ed A LONE ARROW FLIES INTO THE ASSASSINS NECK, leaving his Mt. Weather buddy flailing as Grounders convene upon him! Octavia has been taking her tiny-angry-warrior training seriously and manages to kick the crap out of him and neaaaarly cut his throat before Blondie arrives just in time to say, 'yea, duh, we need intel dumbasses, don't kill him'

This is Bel in a cage, wearing a diaper. Also we have more people hanging from their heels (and okay, I'm going to drop some more realism on you; the body was not designed to be upside down for long periods of time. It can eventually kill you - your heart has a hard time circulating blood, blood will flow into the lungs and head risking a brain stroke. Don't do this at home kids, for long periods of time as it's incredibly dangerous) so given the fact that Mt. Weather is supposed to be all intellectual/sciencey/smarty pants, I don't know WHY they are hanging people from their heels. I assumed it was to get all the blood out, buuut... just hooking up the IV and letting the heart do the rest works just as easily without hauling a 100 + pounds onto that little contraption. In conclusion, REASONS OF DRAMA.

Bel makes a friend who spits on him and hisses SKYPERSSSOONNNNN. awww, how cute.

Jasper is doing Crazy Things and confronts the President of the Normal Rockwell Club. Ohhh diggity, Jasper's got the crazy eyes going on and he demands to know where his one true love Monty is

aaand pulls a sword on the Pres. when he doesn't get the answer he likes

But the Pres didn't get to BE Pres without having some mad moves, so he turns the blade on Jasper BUT HOLY CRAP he's a good guy!?! He's going to spring Monty and help Jasper!!

Back at the Arc everybody is arguing about the best way to get info from the Mt. Weather dude (who is being purposely obtuse and non-helpful). Scary-ass leader of the Grounders hisses at Blondie 'one of our warrior dies while his capture livessss??!!' and holy CRAP can you be that stupid? Set aside homicidal rage for a moment and please realize that you have someone who has all the information you need about how Mt. Weather security works. It's called INTEL, and you are going to need it. You can knit scarves out of his sinews AFTER he gives you information.

The scary-ass co-leader is all for carving him up like a Thanksgiving turkey but Idiot Overlord and Doc Mama are all like, nawww let's cuddle him into submission.

Scary-ass co-leader hilariously says 'YOU PEOPLE ARE SO WEAK' before storming off, presumably to slaughter small animals with her teeth.

Our theme of Doc Mama being a little too motherly continues and she puts Blondie down and essentially says 'MY BABY, GO BACK TO YOUR ROOM AND LET THE GROWN UPS TALK'. This does not go over well with Blondie, who takes it out on Raven.

Bel is still trying to manhandle a steel cage with only the power of grit, managing to do... nothing at all. He then is chosen to do the hanging thing, while his blood goes to one of the Mt. Weather Norman Rockwell people.

But what's this? Cleaning Girl is doing Intrigue and comes across Bel! He's saved! He plays dead and the guard lets him down only to get kicked in the face for his trouble. Scuffle, scuffle BITE scuffle and the guard is dead, while Bel takes his clothes.

Cleaning Girl is in for it now, she has chosen a side and it ain't the Normal Rockwell's. Ain't love grand? Jasper better not screw this up.

The Pres to the rescue! Monty and Jasper have an adorable reunion and evil lady doctor is sent to the brig. The Pres moves on to take down his treacherous son.

We get a falling out between Slightly Corrupt Father and Really Damned Corrupt son who basically goes, 'it's YOUR fault I torture people!'. Yup, it's a mutiny; evil Fop is now the new President while the old one is sent to the brig. The Norman Rockwell people reaaaaally want to get out of the hole in the ground.

Idiot Overlord, meanwhile, is still trying the Love and Peace interrogation method, but I think the Mt. Weather dude is just vaguely amused by the whining and 'but we saaaaaved you!'

Blondie finds out that the draining of the 48 has already begun, and moves to eviscerate Mt. Weather dude but is stopped by the Adults again. Silly adults.

Her and Raven take out their frustrations on each other when - BEL! You're alive and found a radio!! Plan take Mt. Weather from the inside is a go! Even though is coincides with Fop Pres taking over putting Mt. Weather on lockdown JUST AS BEL FINDS HIS FRIENDS, DENIED!!

Team Blondie - martial the troops! For whatever weird reason (blood and glory, probably) scary-ass co-leader allows Blondie to take the lead, springing Mt. Weather dude and marching him right up to the front gate where Idiot Overlord and Doc Mama are waiting.

Doc Mama puts on her Disapproving look and Blondie says, SHUDDUP, I'M IN CHARGE, GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY. ohhhh, SNAP - Mother/Daughter face-off! Hopefully Doc Mama realizes that Blondie ain't no little kid anymore because she stands down.

Blondie sends the guard home with a message and a little bit of deceit; WE'RE COMING FOR YOUUUUUUU and I have, like, WAY MORE GROUNDERS than you think I have!

Run along now.

Now it's all down to Bellamy surviving long enough to open the way for attack AND free the imprisoned Grounders (who don't realize they have an alliance, and have been caged for God knows how long, and probably have muscle atrophy and are weak, but SCREW REALISM, GO SKYPEOPLE/GROUNDER ALLIANCE!!)

Let's leave off this episode with sad and hilarious picture of poor Old Pres, chilling in his room.


  1. That "you can knit scarves out of their sinews AFTERWARD, you morons!" line? Reaver could use that line. Some villain needs to use that line!

  2. :D Those Grounders are ten kinds of homicidal crazy, I tell you.