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The 100 Season Two Episode 9 Recap

The 100 Season Two Episode 9: Remember Me

So, Finn's dead and everybody is upset and a fragile alliance is in the balance. Blondie has regrets.

And a possible mental breakdown. But she gets about three minutes of mourning before it's back to business again. Queenie is more or less satisfied with the outcome being - 'What you've done will haunt you for the rest of your life' sooo WOO HOO lifetime mental trauma, thumbs up!! Queenie's job of sowing destruction and unhappiness all around is done. and remember folks, she's the KIND Grounder...

Let us take a moment please to acknowledge of fiercely fucking awesome character that Blondie is; she just killed her love interest with her own bare hands, she's sealed an alliance arrangement to free the rest of her friends, she's basically the Arc's default Winged Defender of Badass Awesomeness and now she's gone off to take Finn's body to be burned with the people he's massacred.

Raven is unhappy.

I wasn't kidding about the mental breakdown becauuuusssee BWUHH!??

Finn's body opens it's eyes and stares accusedly at Blondie as he's toted away, and she doesn't flip the hell out like I would and start flailing and screaming. Er, he IS dead right??

Meanwhile at Mt. Weather....

Team 48 Oceans Eleven comes up with a plan to hijack Mt. Weather's radio system and redshirt girl is still missing, causing much worry amongst the only four who apparently represent the 48. (Like, seriously, WHERE ARE THE REST OF YOU?!? How can you escape with 48 people when I assume they are scattered everywhere - that's a HUGE number to break out of what's basically an underground bunker...)

Finn continues to stalk Blondie apparition-style and Bel puts forth the idea of his infiltrating Mt. Weather to give them a better advantage. With Finn's body freshly in her mind Blondie goes NO, I'M NOT LOSING YOU TOO and shuts him down.

Grounders and Arc-ers, camping together... let's hope nobody gets stabby feelings during the night. Doc Mama and Idiot Overlord sit down for a chat about the recently imprisoned Original Evil Overlord and Doc Mama says, 'I don't know, maybe we should shock-lash him//snark//' OHHH SNAP, TAKE THAT IDIOT OVERLORD.

McAbs is feeling the backlash of 'betraying' his people (which, um, how..when did that happen? I mean, he was the first to take a step towards peace between the two, which AGAIN, was the Grounders fault by harpooning Jasper for REASONS, but why are they angry at him again? It...doesn't make sense. The Grounders don't make sense... this entire episode is on the thin line of WTF and being plot-less)

But he chose Octavia over his people and this seems like an appropriate time to roll around on the ground making out. In the open. With both camps watching.

So the two allianced teams make it back to the Grounder Camp Ground and the people are less than happy to see them. Everybody is screaming, KILL THE SKY PEOPLE and Grounder justice is harsh. Queenie has her second beat the crap out of a protester within an inch of his life and this is a good time to ask the question; HOW DO THE GROUNDERS EVEN FUNCTION AS A SOCIETY?? It seems like the writers were thinking of Sparta when they wrote the Grounders but like... SERIOUSLY when death is the repercussion for EVERYTHING how do you not collapse into a ball of chaos, hysteria and blood?? Forgot to put the laundry out to dry DEATH OF A THOUSAND CUTS FOR YOUUUU!!!

Not to mention Blondie has recently killed, like, a couple hundred of their warriors at the end of the first season so aren't they down like A LOT of warriors? How freaking big is this village?? If you had THAT many warriors taking down the Teens should have been really easy.

Mt. Weather is spying on them, getting paranoid; 'nawww, they couldn't be alliancing could they? Maybe we should roll out the fog again'

I actually really like that in the absence of Blondie and/or Bellamy the leadership role falls to Jasper and Engineering Kid who do a pretty good job of it - Engineering Kid especially has the smarts to hack into Mt. Weathers system and send out an S.O.S. but first they have to find a way to hack into it.

Dearly Beloved, we gather here today to have a very uncomfortable ceremony to seal the alliance between a group of (mostly) children and homicidal warriors. Blondie and Queenie are hitting it off, exchanging tips on how to become soulless monsters who have no problem murdering everything that comes across their path. See, this here? Is how the crazy is born - saying 'LOVE IS WEAAAAKKKK' is bull. But Blondie is in a bad place at the moment, and is still being haunted by Finn, so I imagine that she clings to anything that will help her numb the pain.

We have the Most Awkward Thanksgiving EVER and predictably someone has poisoned the waterhole, which sends the Grounders into a tizzy, WHICH THEN pisses off Queenie who is after, you guess it, more blood.

They finger Raven as the perpetrator and prepare her for the Thousand Cuts torture (they REALLY LIKE torture) and Blondie falls further into despair. Nothing can go right, it seems.

Oceans Eleven is Oceans Not Happening so Engineering Kid goes solo to infiltrate command base of Mt. Weather. He's actually doing a really decent job of it but security smells something fishy and downs Engineering Kid like a lion on a gazelle. Oh crap, poor Monty.

Raven is tortured and Finn's ghost is surprisingly helpful. Blondie proves their innocence, Queenie's Second in command is a douche and he trades places with Raven. We further see how fucked up a society this is as her Second encourages her to stab him dead. DON'T BE WEAK, MMKAY??!

Also, considering the recent depletion of warriors in Grounder society, and the fact THEY ARE GOING TO WAR SOON, is it such a wise idea to willy nilly slaughter experienced warriors because they got a little intrigue-stupid?

Well, Blondie has learned her lesson. It's better to be a cold, soulless shell of a human being who doesn't mind torture, slaughter and general crimes against humanity rather than being weak and loving people. She sends Bellamy out to infiltrate Mt. Weather and if he dies, oh well.

She joined the ranks of Cold Hard Bitch Club, and it's mighty aggravating because while to be a general in a war you have to steel yourself against some emotion and make sacrifices there is such a thing as too much sacrifice and pragmatism.

But what happened to Engineering Kid??

NOOO! MONTY!!! You're a lab rat!! But we found out what happened to Redshirt Girl - she's on the cage on top of Monty, within a room of 48 cages made specially for our troubled teens. You better hurry up, Blondie.

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