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The 100 Season Two Episode Six Recap: Fog of War

In review: The world has ended in a spectacular YA dystopian fantasy way and Only Teens Can Save Us.

Season Two Episode Six: Fog of War

So Finn is a psycho mass-murdering killer now, having mowed down a couple dozen Grounder villagers in search of the missing Blondie, who wasn't so missing after all as she made it just in time to see Finn in action. It is now Two Days Later, which allows the writers to skip past any sticky explanations of like, you know, how the remaining Grounders just let them walk out of there, and how long it took to wrestle the gun away from Finn (and WHY THE HELL didn't his buddy, the Hyena, do that sooner?)

Our B & B team are chatting over a Mount Weather map, getting ready for a take down. That is, if Mommy will let them.

Speaking of the crazy mass-murdering devil, in walks Finn! How is it that he's just strolling around like nothing happened? Is no one else but Blondie disturbed by the suddenly-psychopathic turn in our 100% Natural Grain Boy? No? Alrighty then.

We're learning quite a bit about Mount Weather in this episode, namely that they have all the tech, they're complete bastards, and they are the cause of everybody's ills. Case in point one: Mt. Weather has jamming frequencies that allow them to cut off all contact with any other Arc ship that may have survived the crash.

But! Raven has a plan!

Doctor Mama, who is in charge of everything, wants to send both people out to look for Arc survivors AND keep watch for Grounder attacks AND get the remaining 48 teens out of Mt. Weather. Whew. That's a lot. Why, it's a good thing Clarke volunteers - nope, Doc Mama says GO TO YOUR ROOM.

I think we all know by now that's a pointless thing to tell Blondie and luckily Doc Mama realizes it. So instead she says, Okay you can go BUT I'm coming with you. Ohhhh, family outing!

MEANWHILE, our Mt. Weather League of Psychopathic Scientists are Plotting. Cleaning Girl will survive, thanks to Jasper but it's opened up a whole new can of worms. 'Why not use ALL the 48 as our personal cleansing system?' Sounds good to Ms. Psychopath Scientist but shockingly the President of the Norman Rockwell Club doesn't agree. He says, Why Not Just Ask Them To Help Us? Wow, it's like, a revolutionary bad guy in TV history. Oh, by the way, The Dandy dude from the last episode? President's son, I forgot to add.

Anywho, Daddy President is starting to realize he may have spawned a monster.

Soooo, the Council cleared Finn. Which... makes all kinds of sense //sarcasm// when a couple episodes back they were ready to crucify Bellamy for venting his anger at the Hyena for legitimately murdering other teens. Yup. Sounds like government to me. Their reason?

'He thought he was saving his friends'. Awww, hear that? He was just playing!

Our Evil Overlord Reunion isn't going so well. Original Evil Overlord is chillaxed in a corner and all like, dude relax, while Idiot Overlord is making serious attempts to gnaw through his ankle.

Here's another part where I call lazy writing. They have gone two days without any sort of water or food. Food, as I understand it, can wait but water - no. In thirty seconds of googling I found out that towards the tail end of severe dehydration your body goes completely wack. So if they WERE edging into the deadly three days without water, they wouldn't be so spry because at that point you have lost electrolytes, your eyes have sunken into your skull and nearing the end your own blood is cannibalizing its cells to survive. You can imagine the effect it would have on your brain, so no. FAIL, writers.

Evil Overlord is totally Zen; he's all 'we have work to be done because my dead son told me so'. Maybe he IS hallucinating?

Ah, the Grounder Welcoming Committee has arrived with specials bringings of whoop-ass. Apparently Evil Overlord was being too Zen for them because they randomly start beating the crap out of him. Idiot Overlord is getting some serious remodeling this season as he screams,


Frankly, its kind of hilarious. Uh oh, Finn's little escapade is biting them in the ass. We now have a Fight To The Death choice going on. And to make sure one of them stabs the other the Grounders leave a knife and a...girl with a pot. What's the deal with Pot Girl?

Idiot Overlord has a hissyfit, and seriously, look at this screencap and NOT laugh, I DARE YOU.

Team Mama and Blondie are scoping out the Mt. Weather competition. They figure if they can knock out their communications satellite they can contact other Arc people. Bel and Octavia take off. Finn is throwing hissyfits ('WHY WON'T YOU LOOK AT MEEE' mass murdering jerk) and have some random poison fog! EVERYBODY TAKE COVER!!

We have a full Indiana Jones moment with stampeding... bugs (cockroaches?) but it does allow the Bel and Octavia Escape Team find some ruins to escape into. Blondie and Finn find the escape bunker, after Finn storms off in a snit because MASS MURDERER!!!

Uh oh, Blondie finds the remains of his murdered Grounder and Finn ... *snort* GOD, Finn throws a sheet over him. NOPE, YOU DIDN'T SEE NOTHING. DON'T JUDGE MEEEEEE!! Can you tell I really dislike Finn?

Jasper is trying to convince everyone that having your blood drained is a good idea! But they're not going for it. BUT THEY GAVE US CAAAKKEE!!! I told you the cake was a lie, Jasper.

Oh, Look who it is: Cleaning Girl with a chipper smile and terrifying message written in her notebook.

YOU'RE TOTALLY IN DANGER, FOLLOW ME! So everybody now knows they are on the chopping block for experimentation.

Raven is being crafty and breaks the code on the Mt. Weather Channel and spies on them. Turns out the Poison Fog is their fault too.

The Bel and Octavia team seemed to have discovered.... an underground parking complex with pristine cars. That haven't aged or rusted after a century. REALISM, YO!

Our Redshirt guards that followed the Sibling Team are marked for doom. Because they are idiots and give away their position in a dangerous location they get eaten by Reavers. Bellamy lays waste to all but one. Who is it, WHO COULD IT BE!??

NOOO, IT'S McHOTTYABS!! What have they done to you!? Apparently Mt. Weather is equally responsible for cannibalism.

At the Evil Overlord-off, both are refusing to harm the other so Idiot Overlord attempts to cut his arm off. THAT'S NOT LETHAL MORON. Evil Overlord has had enough and takes Pot Girl hostage.

McHottyAbs Cannibal-version is playing cat and mouse with Bel and Octavia, being completely off his gourde. So they beat the crap out of him, and Bel shocks him into submission to be dragged back to camp.

The Evil Overlord is in for a surprise! Pot Girl is actually Leader of the Grounders, and she's heard enough. (also, why can't their female Grounders have muscles? Don't warriors have muscles? BUT UNCLE BAILY, I hear you cry, HOW CAN WE FAN SERVICE THEM IF THEY HAVE UNLADYLIKE MUSCLES!!?)

The Grounder Queen HATH DECIDED.

What has she decided? You have to wait one more scene to find out. Paradise in Mt. Weather is not all it's cracked up to be as the President and his freaky ass son have a spat. The old man ain't so stupid; he knows the leak wasn't an accident and warns kiddy (who has a HILARIOUS expression when Daddy threatens him) that he better find some morals soon OR ELSE (seriously, what is with the wonderful histrionics in this episode? These are wonderful screencaps). I feel an assassination coming on.

Our happy campers return from their outing as the fog lifts and our Evil Overlord has his dramatic and stirring reunion as he stumbles bloody and beaten into Doctor Mamas arms. They have two days to leave or they will DIE!!!

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