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The 100 Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

The 100 Season Two Ep. 8 Spacewalker

Our intrepid skywalkers are in a pot of boiling hot trouble water; they have battles coming on both sides of Grounders and Mt. Weather, they have to deal with a new hostile environment and now they have to deal with the idiot who massacred an entire village. You could say this is a Finn episode, so pardon my grumpiness.

Relationship advice kiddies; never start out a new comradeship with an ultimatum. The Grounders say, Give Us Finn So We Can Dismember Him and Set Him On Fire. Or Die. Soooo, nothing new there - the Grounders have been of the DIEDIEDIEDIE variety since the very first episode. Tell me I'm not the only person the see the ironical hypocrisy with this?

This is what I was talking about with plot and all. The whole... Grounder as an antagonist (and now as an Ally!) MAKES NO FUCKING SENSEEEE!!! I've gone over this in the first season recap but since when do the Grounders go from pointless murderous intent (HOW MANY of the teens did they kill? FOR NO GODDAMNED REASON??) to potential ally with Honor and Morals and oh, NOW they care about people dying when it's their own but they didn't seem to care about murdering children when the Teens were first booted out of space. *MASSIVE FACEPALM*

Blondie comes back and is all, weeeelll...there's good news and bad news.

The Arc Community is split over the decision; we are reminded that the Teens were 'criminals' and the adults are like FUCK THIS, GIVE IM' OVER!! While pretty much Raven is the only one against it. RIOT!!

And, uggghh, Flashback.

You know how I feel about flashbacks. Let's just condense it into Finn and Raven Squishy Moments and leave it at that.

But the Arc goes ahead and decides to protect the mass murderer while the Hyena and Blondie play the Blame Game. Personally, I think the Hyena could have done SOMETHING while Finn was mowing down villagers. I mean, you could have knocked him on the head, pushed the gun out of the way, I don't something other than scream 'FINN, STOP'. But it's done and Finn has shown the emotional remorse of a brick. Which is to say, not much remorse. For someone who has been portrayed as a tree-hugging, pro-life goody-goody there isn't much existential crisis going on. But I blame that on bad writing.

We have an interesting chat with the newly recovered LicketyAbs who mentions the Grounders like to dismember THEN burn child-killers (again HYPOCRISYYYYY) and then says, 'uh, YEAH - hand over Finn'.

Evil Overlord in the Brig says, 'Hand over Finn'.

Aaaand this is why I really dislike Finn's character. Finn and Blondie are having a chat and he lays his mass murdering ways on her. Intentional or not, saying 'I was trying to save you' is indirectly saying Blondie's finger was on the trigger. It's manipulative. It's passive-aggressive. And it really pisses me off, like his character has pissed me off since the first season. Logically thinking, you seriously think Clarke would approve you murdering innocent villagers to save her? Shooting a tied-up man point blank with zero remorse is a good thing? Finn showed seriously fucked up displays of aggression that verge of psychopathy and makes you wonder about what the hell the writers were thinking with this?

Empathetic, caring people don't just go on a shooting bender because their love is gone, usually. And having Blondie restored to him he's shown pretty much zero...anything. It's just.. weird writing. In fact, this entire episode, though was trying for gut-wrenching and moving, just ending up feeling...weird. It fell flat, to me. Because you know where this is going.

Ok, back to the show. The Natives are getting restless, and no wonder since Clarke pretty much said, 'uh, wait here while I get Finn. Yeah.' and then ditched them.

The Grounders are waiting for an answer (or body). Doctor Mama and Blondie make the best team ever. Juuust as things look pretty bad for everybody guess who waltzes out of the woods?

The Idiot Overlord is back! For REASONS. How did he escape? No one knows. Why did they let him go? What happened after Evil Overlord left? What were he and Warrior Queenie talking about? WHO KNOWS. But he's here now and says, 'HEY LET'S PUT FINN ON TRIAL!'

O...kay? What's there to debate? He killed almost TWENTY PEOPLE who were unarmed, trying to defend themselves, who had no reason to be killed and... you want a trial? WHAT IS THERE TO TALK ABOUT?!

The Teens unite while the Natives AND Villagers get restless, to get Finn out of the Arc community and head back to the drop ship. Where everybody knows the location. And isn't super defensible. And is the most obvious place they would go. I mean, if Finn REALLY wants to survive the only way he would get out of this is if he left the region entirely and started over with a tribe elsewhere. But that's too logical, isn't it?

Finn and Blondie on the run and oh GROUNDER!! Blondie gets her head knocked in and NOW Finn shows restraint. 'I DON'T WANT TO KILL YOU' uuuuggghhhh, this writing....

and NOW Blondie is susceptible to concussion and injury when just a couple of episodes back Perpetually Angry SMASHED HER HEAD IN WITH A ROCK and Blondie just shook it off. So Finn uses the time to have The Talk with Raven, as she tends to Blondie. What a guy. Giving the I Never Meant To Hurt You speech to your old girlfriend, while your new girlfriend is being tended by the old one. I really hate Finn.

Let's wrap up the Flashback very quickly; Finn saves Raven even though the whole Spacewalking idea was his fault entirely to begin with.

Now it's Bellamy, Blondie, Finn, Raven and the Hyena stuck in a drop ship, waiting for attack. Raven has it in her head to throw the Hyena to the wolves but Finn (finally!!) gives himself up for sacrifice.

Ok, here we go - final scene.

The Arc has gathered outside to watch. The Grounders are setting up a barbecue for Finn AND for the Arc to watch. The Arc Council is kinda like, 'meh'. The Arc villagers are like, 'meh'. Raven is flipping her ever loving shit and tells Blondie to get in there and kill the Grounder Queenie if she has to, slipping her a knife.

I suppose it's ironic justice that because Blondie is the reason why Finn went crazy and killed a bunch of people, Blondie is the one to see him off.

Blondie tries all the tricks in the book to get Grounder Queenie to stop the barbecue but Queenie is like, nope. So finally Blondie says, let me say goodbye.


Say goodbye, folks, to Finn Spacewalker. He and Blondie mash faces one last time and yuuup; she stabs him in a non-lethal spot and he dies pretty much instantly murmuring, 'thanks, princess' before he goes.

Like. Seriously. She puts the knife in his side. In order for him to die THAT quickly it would have to had been a major artery, or the heart or what's known as a VITAL ORGAN. But this is a YA death scene so it doesn't have to make sense, apparently.

I know this episode is going to upset a lot of people but I'm sorry - this was just... not a good episode. It got dragged out way too long. The plot is a mess, what had potential to be a very moving death and plot point just ended being...awkward.

Goodbye Finn.

I'm actually looking forward to getting back to the Grounder/Arc alliance and focusing on getting the 48 back. Ugh. DONE with this episode.

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