Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mary Sue's The 100 Article

Noooooo, NOOOO Mary Sue, NOOOO!!

Here's Why You Should Be Watching The 100

Here's Why You Should Be Watching The 100. *groan* I have issues with this article. Look. I've been with this show from the start and I will stand up and shout YES!!! Some parts of it have gotten better as the season went on. Octavia became a fully developed character instead of a YA teenage cardboard cutout of 'snotty cheerleader type'. I really like her now. The 100 is superbly entertaining. It has wonderful visuals, it has wonderful action and lots of pretty people but please for the love of GOD do NOT try and sell this as 'the best science fiction has had to offer in a while'.

If this is the best then our bar is set pretty low. The 100 is RIDDLED with problems. It doesn't even TRY to be realistic - often 30 seconds of googling proves a majority of the scenarios presented to the audience as completely implausible. YES it's science fiction but what I like the most about science fiction is that there is SCIENCE with it - at least a tiny bit of realism. What the hell is with cauterizing EVERYTHING and acting like it's some miracle cure?

Can we talk about the HUGELY problematic relationship between Octavia and Lincoln?? Does no one remember how he stalked her, kidnapped her, was ready to let her kin DIE and she still somehow ends up with him?!? Are we forgetting the fact she's still underage and there are some gross implications of this older, more experienced man literally taking a woman like a fucking object?? Commented on this a while back too.

Are we forgetting the Grounders literally have ZERO reason for 'going to war' with the Teens? In the very first episode Jasper is harpooned for REASONS. That the plot makes no sense whatsoever? I said it's entertaining, I didn't say it had a good plot because half the time it doesn't make any fucking sense.

How about Finn and his bullshit passive aggressive guilt tripping?

and this here, 'But really, The 100 is a show about women, and how they can be warriors, mechanic geniuses, healers, and leaders.' uggghh, noooo... I have problems with this. This IS a show about women. Clarke is amazing. Her mother is amazing. There ARE tons of woman warriors, doctors, genius mechanics but remember my review? You notice something about the woman? ALL of them being waif-like, extremely attractive, without muscles (warrior!?! without muscle?!) without scars, without imperfections, in other words Hollywood warriors, in other words not really all that progressive. Give me a goddamned beefcake woman who can fucking crush a man's skull between her tree-like muscled thighs.

Give me a hawk nose, a missing eye, a square jaw, a woman whose shape is not traditionally aesthetically pleasing THEN we can talk about how awesome the woman are in the show.

I recap this series because its fun, its campy and it often strays into ridiculous. I LOVE that this popular television series is more progressive than the majority of shows out there but for me, it isn't quite enough. We have to do better with gender and diversity. But it's a start.//Rant over.

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