Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Book Review: The House of the Four Winds

Ok, Back. And I'm tired, going on about three hours of sleep because traveling makes me neurotic. Soooo, short review, sorry. Ok! Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory ganged up to give us a fun little romp of a book and is apparently Book One of One Dozen Daughters.

Meet Clarice Swansgaard (Swann? I forget), Princess of the nation of Swansgaard and one of twelve happy daughters of the rulers of this tiny but happy provenance. So tiny, in fact, that she must go and find her own fortune. Thus begins our swashbuckling adventure of Clarence Swann, master swordsMAN. Clarice figured it would be easier to travel as a man with a sword than a woman.

And adventure she does indeed find; aboard the ill-fated Asesino, full of men who were forced to mutiny and therefore became pirates. This is a fun story. I liked that for most of the book the crew doesn't figure out that she's a woman and they treat her like a competent equal (I can definitely sense the liberal force in this book, and I like it). Clarice ends up killing the corrupt captain and the remaining crew find he was hiding a magic talisman that lead them to a pirate port. There are sorceresses, fun banter, swashbuckling (did I mention the swashbuckling) and a very clean, neatly written story that I read in a day.

It's not... a super taxing read, but it is a fun and light one.

Our two main protagonists are super cute together. Clarice is an admirable main character who doesn't come off as another Strong Woman trope. Clarice is just... Clarice; who is clever and kind and fast tempered and good with her rapier. (Master swordsman, remember?)

I think this will be a great series to come, if there are going to be indeed twelve different stories with each of the princesses starring in their own book.

This is a pretty recently published book, I found mine at my library. If you are a fan of either Mercedes Lackey or James Mallory (and I'm a fan of both) this is worth picking up. They created a seamless story that was easy to follow, easy to picture, fun to read and has pirates. and swashbuckling.

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