Tuesday, December 9, 2014

some updates

Sorry things have been a little sporadic; December is generally a crazy time. I'm trying to get some handmade gifts done, write a bunch of stuff and work. Hero of Bowerstone now has chapter seventeen up, for anybody inclined to get on that way and we are DONE with Attack on Titan. We now return you to the crazy YA dystopian that is The 100.

I have been considering linking my tumblr page on this site. Only, its mostly artsy fartsy pictures I like, Japanese culture, my current anime/manga obsessions (One Piece, mostly) and frequently feminist ideals. I suppose I SHOULD write more on it, personally I'm shocked I have followers at all. I know a lot of people treat it as a lifeline to the outside world and their one way of communication but for me I just use it to stalk my favorite artists and lurk, so this would be a change.

I might even get someone to reply to me! yee ha.

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