Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Five of the Most Terrifying anime/manga characters in recent pop culture

Part Four: Kill la Kill, Ragyo Kiryuin

For anybody who has been living under a rock Kill la Kill was 2013's hot anime filled with satirical fan-service in the form of ridiculous sailor fuku 'armor', one wacky plot of clothing bent on taking over the world, and some all around fun times with insanely powerful characters. Did I mention spoilers, because holy crap SPOILERS.

Bare with me, it's Christmas Eve, I'm getting over a cold so this may be a bit short.

Ragyo Kiryuin is the main antagonist, the final boss and possibly a contender for the world's worst mother award

What I liked about her is that there is no tragic backstory, there is no reason for her being evil, SHE JUST IS and she owns it. Ragyo is over-the-top, very smart, VERY powerful, power-hungry and bent on taking over, not just the world, but the universe. She's got a lot of ambition.

I liked the subverted roles in the anime. Ragyo and her husband (Ryuuko's father) were scientists, on the cutting edge of understanding this alien technology of Life Fibers and the insane power it holds. Ragyo is the cold, zero-emotion character who discards her own new-born child in favor for a more promising specimen. Like, literally, she throws Ryuuko down the garbage chute. And it's Ryoko's father who is compassionate, caring (eh, ish. Caring-ish - some of the things he does is questionable) and rescues her from the garbage heap and raises her (until he's brutally murdered on Ragyo's orders).

She's just... as evil as you can get and she does it in style.

I like, also, how unapologetically evil she is. Like, she don't give no crap about 'love' or emotions. Even as she is defeated she spits on Ryoko's ambitions and emotion. Badass evil lady is out to ruin your day (and existence). I give you, ladies and gentleman, Ragyo Kiryuin.

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