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Attack on Titan Episode 25 Recap Final Episode

Right off the bat, let’s start with some disclaimers. THIS IS NOT FOR CHILDREN, NOR THE SQUIMISH. I know, I know – you’re a paragon of steely resolve, your sinews are made from Wolverines cigar gristle and are Ford tough. Congratulations. HOWEVER, this is an anime that is brutal right out of the gate. That’s what makes it so interesting; this is a world where humanity is on its last leg and the audience is left on the edge of their seats hoping that SOMEBODY is going to survive.

Obviously major spoilers, we will be looking at the series in depth, poking at nooks and crannies and looking at characters and plot and why AoT has gained such insane popularity. There will be cursing, there will be blood. Some of the screen caps may be graphic (I will actually try to not and be too graphic with them, I don’t know who is looking at my blog).

Attack on Titan is unique and phenomenal storytelling which includes many elements; fantasy, mystery, politics, military campaigns, camaraderie, sacrifice and hope. If you can get past the brutal nature of the narrative its worth watching. All right, let’s get into it:

Attack on Titan Episode 25: The Wall/Stohess District Raid Part 3

Here it is, the final episode of Attack on Titan. I’ve honestly really enjoyed recapping this series, it’s been one of the best pop culture entertainments I’ve ever come across. I’ve been doing a little research into whether or not it’s getting a second season and the most I’ve come up with is that there will be a second season but it got pushed back until 2016. Which makes me cry, because that’s a long time to wait for the story to continue.

Even in the manga we still don’t know what the hell the Titans are AND what’s going on with Eren’s basement.

So let’s do it, the last episode of the season.

Previously the Scouting Corps and our Mains are in a tight situation; Annie is the Female Titan and she’s kicking everybody’s collective ass and nobody knows WHY she’s doing the things she’s doing.

Eren got himself buried under a brick building when he’s supposed to be fighting Annie, having hesitated when confronted with someone whom he considered nakama (strong acquaintance, team-member? Is how that translates).

Welp, everybody is gonna die unless he gets it together and finally the Power of Rage allows him to call forth his Titan form. Will it work this time? He rather got his ass handed to him previously.

Ohhhh God. Literally, this time – you know it’s going to be bad when they start an episode off with pious church-goers praying in a church for deliverance and yep.



Eren’s little temper tantrum sends Annie flying into the church building, causing our first (but definitely not last) casualties of the episode.

So, hmmm Church Dude is mighty obsessed with that wall, why is that, I wonder? Also, heads up, I’m spoiling part of the manga at the end because they didn’t include that part in the anime which I found strange because it’s a major part of the story. So keep in mind Wall-obsessed Church Dude.

Everybody in the Scouting Corps are super tense; they know beating Annie (in a civilian area, no less) is going to be very difficult and they land on a roof top to watch Eren face off.

Annie vs Eren; ROUND TWO.

Eren has his own internal monologue going on but asks a very poignant question,

‘What are you fighting for, Annie?’

By this point we know this is going to be a brutal fight. Armin was dead on correct in saying that in this battle, for humanity, for the right to live beyond the cage of the Walls, one has to give up their own humanity to win.

Annie certainly has done that; we’ve seen how deadly efficient she is. Can Eren do the same?

Meanwhile across town, Erwin is facing off the Military Police who are, to say the least, freaked out by the two Titans leveling the city over yonder.

Erwin is solid wall of conviction; he does not deny anything and fully acknowledges that every life lost is his fault and he will take responsibility even at the cost of his own life.

The Military Corps leader, I forget his name, pulls through under extraordinary pressure and holds off on killing Erwin and orders the troops to evacuate and help the citizens.

Erwin agrees to be arrested and escorted to court for the higher ups to judge him and his bloody campaign. It should be noted that Erwin has utter conviction that what he has done will help humanity survive in the long run.

He’s taking a huge gamble that Eren will win against Annie and they can take her alive to answer questions.

Annie is taking some damage this time around; it seems Eren learns through trial and this time he’s getting some pretty good blows in.

We get very tiny glimpses into Annie’s past; her father, a house, something terrible that has happened to her and –

She ends up trashing Eren anyway. Annie is truly frighteningly powerful and an extraordinary soldier all around. She was, after all, included in the top ten ranked of the new recruits.

She shakes Eren off long enough to make a run for the Wall, hoping to escape.

But here the Power of Rage does Eren some good, finally. His crazy berserker fury actually keeps him going even after losing limbs and flings himself at Annie, tackling her full-body style.

Even Annie at this point is getting rattled by Eren’s tactic of bite, claw, scratch, anything and everything style of fighting.

After a particularly brutal clawing, crushing, biting match Annie finally punches Eren’s Titan head in like a pumpkin under a car tire and makes one final dash to the wall, hardening her fingers so she can climb over it.

Mikasa to rescue!! She’s on Annie in a second and takes her fingers off.

There is a strange bit of sadness as Mikasa stands on top of Annie’s Titan head and says,

‘Annie, Fall.’

I don’t think Mikasa is entirely without mercy, it seems like she doesn’t like fighting a former comrade much either.

Annie falls.

Annie is seeing her father again in her memory, begging her, telling her, that even if the world becomes her enemy he will always be on her side. Ugh, WHY, WHYYYYY – what are the circumstances behind this exchange? WHY ANNIE?? Why are you fighting so hard against the people that want to save humanity?

Annie is defeated and Eren has finally entered a nearly mindless berserker rage as he’s all


Or something. He rips out the back of Annie’s neck and-

Pauses. Like sleeping beauty in a bed of…meat and blood, Annie lies with tears running down her face and Eren wastes that precious second to take Annie out.

In her memory her father cries and begs that above all else, please Annie, please come back to me alive –

And Annie calls forth that crystal hardening ability one last time to encase herself in a diamond tough shell of crystal.

It nearly overtakes Eren’s Titan form as well – he’s getting sucked into the powerful skin hardening tactic but


Our anti-hero is back and cuts out Eren in the nick of time.

It’s too late, though – Annie is now unreachable. I don’t even know if she’s alive, can she breathe in there?!

And now we wrap up the episode.

Erwin is before the council as he explains his judgment. Yes, they lost a lot of civilians and soldiers and Annie was never really captured therefore they don’t have any information on what the hell is going on


Erwin says this is, in fact, a step forward for humanity. For the first time they can launch an assault against the Titan and they know that within the walls there are humans who can become Titans

And Erwin is going to hunt down every last one.

Eren wakes up with Armin, Jean and Mikasa surrounding him. Armin doesn’t screw around and lays the blame for losing Annie solely at Eren’s feet.

And he ain’t wrong – if Eren hadn’t hesitated, I suppose allowed his humanity to direct his actions when seeing Annie crying, they would have had her alive and had been able to question her. Though I don’t like to think of what they would have to do to get her to talk. I actually don’t think she would have anyhow, she would have to be nearly destroyed to get anything out of her.

Also, here’s my spoiler – don’t read if you don’t want to know (though you’ll have to wait a few years before finding out) Shit, hold on - I just looked it up and the VERY LAST THIRTY SECONDS of the anime has this part but here you go anyway -

Within the wall that Annie damaged is something shocking. What is it?

It’s a Titan. A fucking TITAN is built in the Wall Sina and in the manga the Church Dude KNEW about it. As Mikasa looks in horror the Titan STARTS TO WAKE UP and Church Dude says HURRY UP AND COVER THE HOLES BEFORE IT AWAKES COMPLETELY.

So that is one huge-ass plot twist the anime decided not to include which is really… WEIRD. What does the Church, the Monarchy and all the Corps hide? Why did they cut that part out? Mystery for the ages. Anyhow. Mikasa and Eren are still alive and share a moment and hey-



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