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Attack on Titan Episode 24 Review

Right off the bat, let’s start with some disclaimers. THIS IS NOT FOR CHILDREN, NOR THE SQUIMISH. I know, I know – you’re a paragon of steely resolve, your sinews are made from Wolverines cigar gristle and are Ford tough. Congratulations. HOWEVER, this is an anime that is brutal right out of the gate. That’s what makes it so interesting; this is a world where humanity is on its last leg and the audience is left on the edge of their seats hoping that SOMEBODY is going to survive.

Obviously major spoilers, we will be looking at the series in depth, poking at nooks and crannies and looking at characters and plot and why AoT has gained such insane popularity. There will be cursing, there will be blood. Some of the screen caps may be graphic (I will actually try to not and be too graphic with them, I don’t know who is looking at my blog).

Attack on Titan is unique and phenomenal storytelling which includes many elements; fantasy, mystery, politics, military campaigns, camaraderie, sacrifice and hope. If you can get past the brutal nature of the narrative its worth watching. All right, let’s get into it:

Attack on Titan Episode 24: Compassion/Stohess District Raid Part 2

And Annie wreaks havoc amongst the townsfolk – oh, WAIT.

Did you think we were going to get right to the action? No, no my friend, we get to have a flashback to how we came to this grievous decision to oust Annie.

Several days before smoking out their turncoat the gang all meets up at Scouting Corps HQ - minus the Levi-squad as they were squished a couple episodes back.

It’s a quiet room with just Levi and Eren occupying it.

Commander Erwin himself shows up with all the Mains in tow; he’s got some ideas and plans as to who the Female Titan is, and how to capture her alive so they can finally get some information.

Erwin’s last gamble emphasizes how important it is that they capture her; not only is she the only lead they have on why Titans even exist, if they DON’T capture her Eren will be given up to the Military Police and probably dissected.

Everyone is still in shock that the Female Titan is indeed Annie.

So the plan was to isolate her and cage her somewhere where her Titan powers won’t be of help – a tunnel, and subdue her.

Easier said than done, we’ve already seen that the plan has partially failed; she’s figured something was wrong from the start and has transformed before the Trio’s eyes.

Back in the present moment more people are being lost in the slaughter and Eren still can’t accept that Annie would do this to them. He tries to transform to fight her but…

Can’t. Or won’t.

His conflicting emotions are holding him back, putting everybody in danger. I’m not sure what Mikasa is trying to do here with her psycho-face scare tactics but she drives home the point that this is the same person who gladly sacrificed lives, of his comrades no less, to get at him and he’s still hesitating?

While Eren dithers and hand-wrings Armin comes up with a quick plan that may keep them alive a while longer, or at least will give Eren enough time to get his act in gear to transform.

Him and Mikasa will cover their faces and run in opposite directions, out of the tunnel Annie has trapped them in.

As long as she doesn’t see their faces, she won’t know who Eren is and hopefully won’t attack right away.

God, Eren is fucking whiny as hell in this episode. ‘BUT, YOU MIGHT BE KILLED!!!’ insert lots of handwringing and existential crisis here. We’re just going to ignore the fact that Annie has been slaughtering her way towards him for a while now, and he’s the only one who stands a chance against her BUT, BUT NAKAMASHIP!!

Meanwhile, Erwin and Jean-disguised-as-Eren and everybody else has been fooling the Military Police that they had Eren in custody when no, ha it was Jean. When Annie transformed everybody flipped out because – surprise! It’s a Titan within the wall!

Jean rushes over to where Eren is, and Eren is currently being buried beneath a ton of brick and stone doing his best at imitating road kill.

He’s still floundering (and HOW is he not dead?) and Armin is screaming at him trying to get him to transform.

JEAN is screaming at him telling him, they believed in him and this is what they get?!

And finally Armin says, if Annie is willing to disregard her humanity, you must also, because that’s the only way we’re going to win this war.

Not entirely sure if I can agree with that but he’s got a point – she’s just going to slaughter her way through the ranks if somebody doesn’t do something.

Hanji and her team manage to momentarily pin Annie down but without the set up they had in the forest Annie just sweeps away the ropes with a leg and makes a break for the wall to escape.

FINALLY Eren finds his inner rage beast and after de-impaling himself off some debris calls forth his Titan form.


Welp, next week is the final episode. It’s been a hell of a ride.

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