Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Something New: Five of the most terrifying anime/manga characters in recent pop culture

So I've been busy; there's work, there's the Wizard Con this weekend, there's insane hours trying to finish my cosplay (and YES I almost regret my choice in making a Lolita skirt that has fucking thirty different skirt parts alone) so I haven't been to the library, I haven't been reading as many new (to me) sci-fi and fantasy books, AND I've been writing my own original fiction with hopes of publishing. So. Busy. So for a bit let's do:

Five Terrifying Anime/Manga Characters From Recent Shows Part One: Akame ga Kill: Seryu

Yea, her.

Let's do a bit of background on Akame ga Kill. It's currently about twenty episodes in and I've watched the majority of them with the feeling of... say, watching a car crash. Hm. How to describe it...

This show is a shounen, action, everybody dies kind of anime. It's a little too much for me to take seriously so I didn't do a review about it earlier, but I WOULD like to talk about one of the characters as the most TERRIFYING thing I've run across in some time. So this kingdom's capital is corrupt as fuck. Young Tatsumi is our hero who travels from a tiny village to the capital for...damn, I forget why. Food, money, to lend out his sword skills, bla bla bla I forget.

But his comrades are killed horrifically by the adorable rich girl child of a family who took him in (with the purpose of killing him and selling his skin or some shit like that) that kind of gives the tone for the story. This is an anime of extremes. Extreme good and bad, extreme comedy and seriousness and that's why I didn't bother reviewing it. We go from a complete bloodbath (and I mean graphic, fucked-up things like having your weird dog/creature/pet EAT your goddamned enemies corpses then BRAG ABOUT IT later on) to cutesy gag humor 0.2 seconds later.

WAY too many knee-jerk, jumping around plot twists that includes killing off the main cast and over-the-top graphic violence. NOBODY is safe (except for I assume, shounen boy Tatsumi, because he's being groomed as the Savior/Hero of the tale) and I don't like getting attached to characters only to have them BRUTALLY slaughtered off. Then the weird comedy routine shortly after. It's just... jerking the viewer around too much.

So we have Night Raid; 'bad guy' assassin's extraordinaire who are actually good and here to save the Capitol and the Jeagers - who are 'justice' but hoooly shit are they fucked up and have hobbies like torture and mutilation.

Ms. Seryu is a young girl who has joined the Jeager's in hopes of vanquishing evil. This is an interesting way to make a character. She's crazy. Seriously, bat fuck crazy, off her chain, C.R.A.Z.Y

She has no ability to see anything other than Black and White. Obey the laws, you are good. Pick up a coin off the street and you are BAD, and she will literally rip your arms off while screaming JUSTICE IS SEEERRVVVEEED and then set your body on fire.

Plus, she had a bad case of Crazy Eyes. That never bodes well.

She has no nuance, no mental brakes, as it were. She can't seem to see the utterly corrupt nature of the Capitol she is serving.

In fact, when another character brings up the fact that her masters are fucking corrupt as hell and she is completely denies the possibility that what she does is wrong.

She starts off the series as a soldier trained with guns and close combat and her Imperial Arms (special, magical weapons) is an adorable looking dog:

Who becomes a literal monster

which is very reflective of the girl herself.

Seryu wins hands down for being one of the most fucked up characters I've come across in some time. Her complete lack of reality, empathy, nuance, morals (concerning 'justice' which there doesn't seem to be any) and just bug-fuck crazy personality means she has made my list of Terrifying Characters.

I've got about three definite characters but does anybody have one they would like to add? Give me some names!

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