Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Anime Review: Sword Art Online II

Not to be confused with the second season of Sword Art Online, this is a whole new ballgame. Kind of.

For a very short summary of the first season - Kirito is a young boy in the not so far future who is, well, kind of addicted to MMORPGs and I can see why. The future internet has technology so advanced you can SMELL, FEEL and TASTE things while having your brain hooked up to the computer, so it stands to reason online RPG would be that much more freaking awesome.

Well, some psychopath decided to entrap everybody online and if they tried to log off they would die. So Kirito and others live online for a really long time until finally he beats the boss and everybody is freed, somewhere along the way finding himself in a relationship with Asuna.

So for the THIRD time Kirito (for SAO II) is dragged into conspiracy but this game has guns instead of swords and sorcery and honestly, after watching about 8 episodes HOLY FUCK why does ANYBODY play that gun RPG?? SO BORING.

I mean, at least have magic guns, or guns that don't exist in reality, or make it more interesting than let's set up an ambush and shoot them in the head. Which is about the extent to the game. No magical lands, no post-apocalyptic good-ness just a bunch of people killing each about every video game ever made so what am I saying.

Anyhow SOA II isn't a bad anime. It's more boring than the first season. I'm still not super fond of Kirito as a protagonist and am actually really irritated that Asuna got sidelined AGAIN and has no active role other than being cute with Kirito. I mean, she used to fight monsters now she babysits and frets from the sidelines.

The new main girl (who of COURSE falls for Kirito, it does seem to be a pattern) is actually pretty interesting. She's a sniper in the RPG, she's living with some serious turmoil over having more or less accidently killed a psychotic robber who was going to murder her mother. So she joined this gun RPG to try and get a handle on her paralyzing fear of guns and the psychological damage of murdering someone in a kill or be killed situation.

The series isn't yet complete and while it does have some issues (Kirito's freaking harem, slow plot, boring RPG game) it also is intense and makes you wonder who's gonna die next.

You can find it on Hulu for free.

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