Friday, September 12, 2014

Watership Down Chapter 28 Recap

Chapter 28: At the Foot of the Hill

Eh, let's see what happened last time? Holly and Co. barely made it out alive from the Evil Bunny Dictator Warren, Hazel was a dumbass and Fiver went off to rescue him.

So now we have the Smurfette principle going on; we have ONE names female character in a mostly male driven narrative - Clover.

Well, old Clover is going to have her work cut out for her if they want to repopulate their own warren but look-!

Fiver returns triumpant!! Hazel liiiiives!! ....totally called that.

The bunnies are overjoyed, though he is still gravely injured.

Kehaaarrrrr, makes another appearance and pecks out the remaining buck shot out of Hazels leg, somehow mysteriously knowing all about man's weapons.

Well, the upshot of this chapter is that the bunnies have come to the conclusion that they want does, they're going to take does, and who has an adbundance of does? The Bunny Dictator Warren of course! GET THE DOES, GET ALL THE DOES!!

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