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Attack on Titan Episode 15 Recap

Right off the bat, let’s start with some disclaimers. THIS IS NOT FOR CHILDREN, NOR THE SQUIMISH. I know, I know – you’re a paragon of steely resolve, your sinews are made from Wolverines cigar gristle and are Ford tough. Congratulations. HOWEVER, this is an anime that is brutal right out of the gate. That’s what makes it so interesting; this is a world where humanity is on its last leg and the audience is left on the edge of their seats hoping that SOMEBODY is going to survive.

Obviously major spoilers, we will be looking at the series in depth, poking at nooks and crannies and looking at characters and plot and why AoT has gained such insane popularity. There will be cursing, there will be blood. Some of the screen caps may be graphic (I will actually try to not and be too graphic with them, I don’t know who is looking at my blog).

Attack on Titan is a unique and phenomenal story which includes many elements; fantasy, mystery, politics, military campaigns, camaraderie, sacrifice and hope. If you can get past the brutal nature of the narrative its worth watching. All right, let’s get into it:

Attack on Titan Episode 15: Special Tactical Force/Eve of Counteroffensive Part 2.

Finally I can say that we are nearing the mid-way/end of the series and soon enough we will have to think about what to review next. Gotham, maybe?

The horror of Trost over-run is behind the cadets, and Eren has survived Judgment. He has been safely *pffftt* handed over to Levi’s Squad – a bunch of talented Special Operations weirdoes charged with watching over Eren, OR if he changes into his Titan form and loses control – killing him.





Though, I have to admit the only names I ever really remember are Petra’s and Gunther’s.

The Scout Regiment headquarters is located in an abandoned castle far into Trost territory. It was abandoned so it makes a perfect place to keep Eren until he can learn how his Titan body works. So! What’s first on the agenda? Planning? Training? Scientific study?


Turns out Levi is a bit of a freak, as well. SOMEBODY has an obsessive need to be clean, so everybody gets to work weeding and dusting and mopping. We have a little Get To Know The Characters moment with Petra and Eren, though with this series there isn’t much of a point.

Dinner time! Talk includes discussion of the newly caught Titan specimens and who should enter but Hanji!

She’s the biggest weirdo of them all and she’s got aaaall night to draw Eren into a discussion about her obsession with Titans. A few remedial points:

- Communication. Which is pretty much zilch. The two Titans show no awareness, only the driving need to ‘eat’ which nearly takes Hanji’s head off several times, if she weren’t so wily and fast.

- (She also names them and weirdly becomes attached to them, treating them more like pets than forces of pure destruction that has pushed humanity to the brink.)

- Nocturnal activity. It’s been noted that Titans slow down and nearly stop during the night – hinting that perhaps they take their energy from the sun, rather than the countless people they ‘eat’.

- Pain. Hanji screams more than the Titan she stabs with a pike. The regenerative prowess of the Titans is so great that you have to wonder if they even feel pain before the wound regenerates. They don’t seem to feel any pain.

Of course, by this point the sun is rising and Eren is dead on his feet tired, after listening to Hanji the entire night. Though we catch a rare glimpse into what drives the weirdness of Hanji - she's lost countless friends, seen some pretty terrible things and survived. So why does she almost seem to LOVE Titans instead of hate them, like most of the other soldiers?

She DID hate them, to begin with. But then she realized that humanity had to approach this war from a different standpoint than hate and fear, thus her scientific interest was perked. Studying these live specimens may be the salvation of humanity.

However, shocking turn of events – during the night Hanji’s pet titan’s have been assassinated!!

R.I.P Sawney and Beane.

Let’s cap off the episode with Erwin asking Eren ‘Who is the real enemy?’

Good question.

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