Friday, August 22, 2014

Watership Down Chapters 26 & 27 Recap

Chapter 26 Fiver Beyond

Beyond what? Space?

Weeell, in the prevoius chapter Hazel was a dumbnut and went and got himself killed, more or less. Holly has come back all beaten up and too tired to say anything so we'll get to that the next chapter.

Fiver is having more wacked out dreams following the 'death' of Hazel.

He's dreaming of man (or AN old man)jeering and saying how much they love to kill poor defenseless bunnies when he wakes up with Bluebell shaking him.

I guess the point of the dream is that Hazel is alive and it's up to the two of them to find him.

The blooooddyyyy hoooooolleeee, says Fiver. What? Nothing, just go with it.

Chapter 27 'You can't imagine it unless you've been there'

Sounds like some gas station bathrooms I've been in.

While we're waiting for Hazel's miraculous recovery let's have some story time from Holly.

The Taking of the Does didn't go so well, if you didn't guess it.

So they found the other warren and shit hit the fan very quickly; they were more or less rounded up and trotted before the Council (OF DOOOOOMMM) and told that they essentially belonged to that warren now, sans all free will.

See, like the Council and the Owsla leader, General Woundwort, are like the Stalin of rabbits, I take it.

That particular warren is overcrowded and run like a prison. I think I can see where this is going.

Soooo, bla bla bla oppression, bla bla bla concentration camp, bla bla bla Holly and the others devise a plan for escape.

Which they do, but barely, and then stumble back to Watership Down to learn Hazel is a dumbass and got himself killed.

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