Friday, August 8, 2014

Watership Down Chapters 24 and 25 Recap

Chapter 24 Nuthanger Farm

Holly has taken off to make contact with the other warren (for totally legit diplomatic reasons, like stealing their does) and Hazel decides he cannot be outshone. So what the hell, why not hop on over to the farm nearby and steal THEIR does?

Sounds legit.

Hazel bullies/coerces Pipkin, the weakest of the rabbits, into coming with him to make contact with the pet rabbits that are kept in a hutch with the promise that 'it's totally safe, bro'

He finds the farm, complete with dog and cats and cows, and makes contact with the mothership hutch rabbits.

Whuttup, wanna join my warren? Hazel then says, 'we don't want to steal your doe's' but actually he totally does. Hutch Rabbits are dumb and say OKAY.

Chapter 25 The Raid

Yeah, nothing at all can go wrong with this plan.

He returns and Fiver is like all, 'dumbass' and Hazel is all 'WHUT, I WANT THE DOE'S OKAY!?'

Fiver says, 'don't do it bro' and Hazel is all whatevs, I'm totally going.

Everybody else is down with the plan, Bigwig is totally looking forward to kicking the crap out of some cats and they all take off to free the Hutch Rabbits.

Bigwig gets his wish, and kitty runs for the hills because RABBITS. Everybody else works on the latch on the cage.

THEY'RE FREEE!! FREEE RABBITS!! and they don't take it well, at all.

Whilst escaping only two hutch rabbits follow the rest, while the other two freeze like deer in the headlights in the middle of the farmyard.

Hazel goes back to see if he can persuade them to move it, but Man has Awakened and starts capturing escapee bunnies. As Hazel and the doe make a run for it, Man for Reasons, shoots Hazel, grazing his foot. He crawls into a bush, presumably to die.

IS THIS THE END OF HAZEL!?! Find out next week.

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