Saturday, August 2, 2014

Watership Down Chapter 23 Recap

Watership Down Chapter 23 Kehaar

So it's been a while, I apologize - it takes a while to get back into a book like this.

Riiight, where were we? The gang has found Watership Down and are in the process of making it their home, I guess. They meet a mouse, Captain Holly and some other rabbit catch up with them with the news of the destruction of the warren aaand...I think that's about where we are?

Okay, so we have a super rabbit broship going on and Captain Holly and Hazel and everybody else are super buddy-buddy. They hang out, they eat, they crap, everything is going okay but! surprise, a new strange animal has appeared not too far away.

What is it? The rabbits aren't entirely sure; a bird of somekind - but a large-ish bird with strange coloring that takes an almighty peck at Bigwig.

So Hazel decides to adopt it. Sure, why not.

'Bigwig, go dig up some worms.' is one of the more hilarious lines.

So the bird is totes cool with being adopted by bunnies. He, Kehaar, I guess - speaks more of that weird pidgin dialect and as far as we can tell he's an ocean bird who got lost, was attacked by a cat, kicked the crap out of the cat and then ran into the bunnies.

See, now that the rabbits are...relatively safe, they have their new home, they have a group, they have...a bird, NOW it's time to think about does. Fucking Bigwig says something to the extent of 'ahhh, I'm looking foward to a nice Doe and a litter of kittens of my burrow!' like a living female creature is something you buy off the fucking shelf at a supermarket.

How does one come by does when they do not miraculously pop out of the ground like daisies?

Hazel goes, 'I dunno, go steal em from another warren?'

Wow. just. Wow. Drag them by their hair, perhaps? I mean, might as well go full neanderthal.

Hazel has another brilliant plan - let's send the bird out to find chicks!

Sooo, yea. Kehaar, with his wing healed, scouts out the area for any other warrens and lo and behold he finds one.

Time for a hostile takeover - or maybe the broship will try the diplomatic approach first. You know, hey got any extra does to spare?

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