Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tokyo ESP Anime Review

Tokyo ESP is actually a manga I read a long time ago; it only updates rarely so it wasn’t hard to read through the fifty or so chapters in a short time that I found it.

I have to say I freaking LOVE the manga.

A short summary: Rinka is a hard working, straight forward Japanese school girl who also happens to have the strength of ten men. She lives in a rundown little apartment with her herculean ex-cop father and works several jobs just to make ends meet.

One day something a little strange happens. She sees a penguin fly through the sky and shortly after was followed by glowing, swimming fish. One of those fish swam right through her and POOF! Now she has superpowers. She can now move through inanimate objects.

Tokyo appears to be under the influence of these ‘fish’ as numerous random people are given supernatural powers. This predictably causes all kinds of trouble. Some people are decent enough BUT plenty don’t mind using their new strength to terrorize, steal and cause havoc.

Rinka teams up with a fellow high school ESPer to take down these bad guys and along the way we meet plenty of goofy characters, terrifying villains and strange occurrences.

I was stoked to see it had made it into anime form, I knew this manga had amazing potential. Yet, I’m a little put off by the anime.

I’m really actually kind of pissed off how they handled the first episode – they decided to go ahead and start at the end of the first arc as a plot device. I can see this working if you did a very brief introduction – Tokyo is under siege with powers beyond man, how did it end up like this?

BUT they did the ENTIRE FREAKING episode, they introduced characters that the manga didn’t introduce until like, forty chapters in, they have the plot all turned around. They kept on referring to Rinka as though she was dead, and even though this is her story she was the last to be introduced. Very frustrating.

I feel as though they aren’t spending much time on the plot; within one or two episodes they move through like a bunch of manga chapters – it feels very rushed. Asides from those points the anime is nice to watch; clean style, nice action, easy to watch. If action, ESP, and supernatural fighting anime’s are your thing Tokyo ESP is worth watching.

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