Friday, July 4, 2014

Watership Down Recap Chapters 20 & 21

Chapter 20 A Honeycomb and a Mouse

So, yay, Captain Holly - the dope who tried to arrest everyone as they fled the warren - has shown up at their doorstep looking a little worse for wear. After the initial shock of seeing him again (not to mention Holly looking like he had a fight with a blender and was on the losing end) Hazel pulls his Leadership Credz and says TO THE LIFEBOATS. Not really, but he does find Holly a nice hole to lie down in with him companion (oh, there was one more rabbit with him) and lets the Fellowship of the Cottontail know what's up.

Everybody gossips like old washer women, wondering why Holly is even here.

Also, super short note - they save a mouse from a hawk. I assume this will come in handy later?

Well, you don't have to wait long because after a nice rest Holly is ready to tell his story - also, he calls Fiver the 'rabbit who saw 'it' coming'.

Chapter 21 For El-ahrairah to Cry

The Tale of Holly is pretty predictable if you were paying any attention to the MASSIVE OBVIOUS FORESHADOWING in the first few chapters. I would also say that this is the most politically bent chapter I've seen so far - combining MAN'S EXISTANCE IS A PLAGUE ON THE PLANET with wartime allusions. Okay then. Very soon after the Fellowship fled in came Men, with strange devices. The bunnies thought - meh, they've tried to kill us before, we'll just hide in our holes.

That doesn't fly this time - the men have a special kind of gas, and guns. (um, wow - WW1 much) SO BEGAN THE SLAUGHTER.

Every dosed dazed bunny that fled the hole was shot or bludgeoned to death. Holly and a few others BARELY made it out alive, having to claw other dead rabbits out of the way before they could exit the massive warren escape routes holes.

As they left the field, they turned to see what we would call a bulldozer tearing up the field but to little bunnies looked to be some fearful god of wrath, destroying their everything.

The wording is interesting - 'he knew the men hated us for raiding their crops and gardens' 'that wasn't why they destroyed the warren. It was because we were in their way. They killed us to suit themselves.'

SOMEBODY THINK OF THE RABBITS!!!! But he ain't wrong - humanity is all colors of conceited and selfish and destructive.

As if that weren't bad enough they ran into Cowslip and the Weirdo bunnies who were still suuuuper pissed at the chaos the Fellowship left behind. Holly and the one other bunny are the only ones who got out of THAT alive, the Weirdo bunnies having killed his other companions.

And that is how Holly came to meet up with the Fellowship. He's all, we cool bro? They cool, bro.

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