Friday, June 20, 2014

Watership Down Recap: Chapters 18 & 19

Chapter 18: Watership Down

Um, introducing Watership Down? The entire first few paragraphs is describing the wonderland that Watership Down is. What it ALSO is, is a great big cliff/mountain rising into the sky

So since the disastrous run-in with the Weirdo bunnies the fellowship of the cottontails have traveled three miles (which is actually damned impressive, considering).

Everybody is tired and now they have PTSD. I am getting a loooot of allusions towards war and soldiers in this. Must be the time period is was written in. Everybody is super tight now - no one doubts Fiver when he has the Tingle.

Our newest member, Strawberry, is getting a lot of shit from the other bunnies for being from the Weirdo tribe and for being unused to living in the wild.

Bigwig is intent on calling him 'the dandy' (yay, homophobia!) and rips into him every chance he has. (maybe he's secretly attracted to him? Oh, God - is there such a thing as yaoi Watership Down fics? There probably are and I'm terrified to think about it)

So Fiver's mad plan is to hike up the sheer cliffside to paradise.

But maybe tomorrow - that night they find some holes in the ground to sleep in.

Chapter 19: Fear in the Dark

Wasn't that a tv show? or book...? Oh well. This chapter makes it reaallyyy clear that Watership Down is a haven removed from stinking humans and their filth and noise and ugh, they should all just disappear and die in a fire, leaving Mother Earth cleansed of their puerile filth... I think I'm seeing a political bent in the writing.

Anyhoo, Hazel goes for a nibble in the grass wondering where the holes in the ground came from. (A little belatedly? Isn't there like a rule, or something, where you should check to see what's living in holes or caves before you bodily lose limbs? Just a thought.)

Blackberry has a little chat with Hazel. OUR JOURNEY IS OVER. Ha, no - there's like four hundred pages left in the book.

Then I got kind of confused because now its dark again and they hear mysterious wailing sounds. Everybody is getting freaked. WHAT WAS THAT!?

Oh GOD, rabbit superstition!! IT'S THE BLACK RABBIT OF INLE!!! COME TO TAKE OUR SOOOUUUULLSSS - no idiots, it's Captain Holly, bloody and torn up, from the Owsla (waaayyy back in the early chapters and holy shit how did he even find them? CLIFFHANGER!!)

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