Friday, June 6, 2014

Watership Down Chapters 15 & 16

Chapter 15: The Story of the King's Lettuce

Craaaaap, I totally forgot but last time the chapter ended with another TELL US A STORY. El-efleleflphillip is back with all the world's rabbit population and he's down on his luck. There was a king, some precious lettuce...and that's as far as I got before my patience ran out with cultural story telling. Look, I have a thing about fantasy books writing stories within stories within stories. It's BORING and rarely does it work. It's like Tolkien did it SO EVERYBODY HAS TO DO IT and it's BORING. Let me sum it up really fast: El-Hazard is tricky, the King likes lettuce, El-Hazard wins a butt load of lettuce for his followers aaaand we end the story with 'no power can keep a rabbit out of a garden' which is pretty much true. Good story, moving on.

Chapter 16: Silverwood

The fellowship of the cottontail are pleased with themselves. Good story, bro. We are the BEST story tellers. And they wait for the Weirdo Rabbits to agree with them but they're all like, 'meh. s'cool but we really don't believe in antiquated story telling *snufflesnort*' and they turn their noses up at them which pisses everybody off.

So they come back with, 'well, let us introduce you to OUR storyteller' and start some bunny smack talk through poetry. Introducing....SILVERWOOD. Fiver's Tingle gets set off to the max. Something is going DOWN with this rabbit. Silverwood lays down some poetry and as he's droning Fiver gets more and more and MORE freaked out before he finally spazzes entirely and starts to flail his way out of the warren.

Hazel kind of laughs nervously and goes, 'ah ha ha, sorry about that he does this sometimes! Don't mind him, he's just sensitive to poetry!'

Outside the warren Hazel is all like I CAN'T TAKE YOU ANYWHERE!! and Fiver is like FOOOOOOLS, WE ARE DOOOOMED or something. They can't go back in right away so they bunker down for the night in an empty burrow.

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