Friday, June 13, 2014

Watership Down Chapter 17 Recap

Watership Down Chapter 17 The Shining Wire

Not to be confused with The Shining, which would actually be kind of an awesome cross-over that brings to mind foul tempered rodents and HUUUGE SHARP - LOOK AT THE BOOONES- er, but I digress.

Previously the Weirdo rabbits were being weird and Fiver's Tingle was flipping out all over the place as he runs screaming from the warren. Hazel and Bigwig follow, scratching their little bunny heads getting mighty tired of his shenanigans. They found an empty borrow for the night and fall asleep.

Hazel has his own prophetic dreams of a sort, with rather poetic imagery of a cage of bones and berries that drip blood. He awakes alone and cold; Fiver has done the runner in the night.

Feeling uneasy he wakes Bigwig and they both head out to find him, promising violence upon his person once they get a hold of him. Well, Fiver has made his way to the far edge of the field, the sun rising as Hazel and Bigwig catch up.

Hazel has calmed down once he finds Fiver but Bigwig is a bottle full of rage ready to explode all over Fiver's cottontail ass.

Fiver has the thousand-yard stare going on and is all, 'Yeah, I'm leaving this warren of death. Sucks to be you, bye now.'

Hazel goes back to actually listening to Fiver instead of dismissing everything he is saying and is all, HMMMM MAYBE SOMETHING IS GOING ON!!

But Bigwig is tired of the Tingle and the death talk and does a magnificent rage-turn-heel flounce which promptly sends him flying straight into a snare trap.


There is foam and blood and twitching and Bigwig is dying.

Horrified Hazel screams at Fiver to get the others while he tries to figure out what to do. With his last gasping breath Bigwig says, dig up the peg.

All well and good except Hazel doesn't know what the hell a 'peg' is and thinks Bigwig meant 'dig a hole around my body'. Idiot.

The group comes to the rescue, the smart rabbit - Blackberry (or was it blueberry?) figures out the rounded wooden thing is the peg and they dig him out. Too late, there's no movement from Bigwig and Fiver lays some smackdown.

LET ME TELL YOU A STORY - he goes, about the stinking gross humans who keep live rabbits as food and the idiot wandering free-range rabbits who walked right into it.

Yea, that's you lot. Cowslip, upon hearing about Bigwigs difficulty, promptly turns his back and ignores all pleas for help.


In bad shape with the wire still around his neck, but still alive. The fellowship of the cottontail compound their stupidity by claiming if they kill all the rabbits they can take over their warren and Fiver is all @(#*&%*(. You guys are stupid. We'd just be putting our necks into the noose.

Oh yeeeaaah.... okay, let's just leave then.

So they move out, leaving the Warren of Death behind them. Oh, and one of the Weirdo bunnies deserts the ranks and joins the traveling group of cotton tails.

And THAT, dear readers, is the end of PART ONE. PART TWO of our journey shall commence next week.

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