Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer 2014

Uncle Baily calls upon my invisible readers for literary sacrificial material. The 100 approaches the end of its first season and I shall be left with nothing to make fun of review in a mature and orderly fashion for the summer. I need requests! I need sci-fi! Anime! Fantasy! Something long enough to cover once a week until September.

Well? Have something you think would work? Let me know. I will be thinking hard about it.


  1. I your anonymous commenter have All the World's Anime. I'll bring it over Friday, you can take some to review. You could also review games.

  2. Uncle Baily appreciates your sole devotion to commenting on my blog. Maybe if threw puppies at other viewers? Candy? Thinly veiled threats?

  3. I'm not sure your reviews are... hmm... obvious enough. Or controversial enough. Or something. Folks like Slacktivist and Ruby do really objectionable books so everybody can chime in and agree how awful they are, and Ana is more fire-breathing than you and draws out people who want to be (or at least look) very smart by doing intelligent critiques and being very progressive in their views. Not meaning that as a good or bad thing, just as a thing. But your reviews don't really say anything that makes people want to speak up to agree or disagree. And I have absolutely no clue how to change that so I am a useless advice-giver. But my brother says anyone can be internet famous just by doing something for long enough, so keep at it in case he's right!