Thursday, June 19, 2014

Some more choices to recap

Uncle Baily calls upon my readers for literary sacrificial material. The 100 approaches the end of its first season and I shall be left with nothing to make fun of review in a mature and orderly fashion for the summer. I need requests! I need sci-fi! Anime! Fantasy! Something long enough to cover once a week until September.

Well? Have something you think would work? Let me know. I will be thinking hard about it.

So I have a few Sci-fi shows for possible recapping (still leaning towards dinosaur, because, well DINOSAUR) but there is also some amazing anime out there. Here's a few:

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

It took me a while to get into it but once I did, DAMN. By the end of the series my mouth was catching flies, it was amazing. This would be a very interesting anime to dissect from a social point of view. The funny thing is the creator mentioned having no intention of making a statement, or being feminist about the show but actually that's exactly what happened. Plus, cute girls, dark plots and INSANE ending.

Sword Art Online

This is in my 'meh' file. I mostly have an overwhelming urge to poke fun at Kirito and the MMORPG community (which I love but I also like to make of). There are some issues I would like to dissect in this anime. Some tropes and for the love of GOD the second half (second season?) where Asuna becomes COMPLETELY FUCKING USELESS and is damseled. That made me want to commit violence. The card-board cut out villain, Kirito, ect. ect. there's enough fodder in there for me to have fun with.

Attack on Titan

Oh dear. We could have a field day with this anime. Where would you even begin? A drinking game where every time someone gets eaten you take a shot? A weekly headcount of the dead? Well, anyway Attack on Titan is one hell of an anime and would be worth going over.

Kill La Kill

Hmmm, another favorite of 2013/14 Kill La Kill. This is a fun one. We could talk about the deliberate costume designs (and ensuing yeast infection because DAMN, tight around the crotchel region much? I can't believe women are cosplaying this), we could have a field day with analysis of the characters, all the plot twists and general insanity of clothing bent on taking over the galaxy.

All right, you weasels - here are the choices. If anybody has any interest in ANY of these (sci-fi included) fer' crying out loud SAY SOMETHING. Otherwise I'll be surprising you on Monday with what I chose. Ta ta.

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