Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Some choices to recap

Uncle Baily calls upon my readers for literary sacrificial material. The 100 approaches the end of its first season and I shall be left with nothing to make fun of review in a mature and orderly fashion for the summer. I need requests! I need sci-fi! Anime! Fantasy! Something long enough to cover once a week until September.

Well? Have something you think would work? Let me know. I will be thinking hard about it.

So here is a short list of some Sci-fi shows that are easily accessed and are cheesy enough to get some humor out of:

Primeval: New world

It has a dinosaur in it. That is all.


I have no idea what this is about. Looks interesting though.

Riese: Kingdom Falling

I think I watched part of the first episode a looooong time ago and it was like a really bad stab at a Steampunk/thriller genre.


Haven't seen much of this either but I'm pretty sure I can find a season to watch at the local library.

All right, buckos, these are some of the things I've been looking at. Next up is maybe some anime titles. You got till next Sunday to cast in any votes on something you want to see recapped.

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  1. I saw the first episode of the original Primeval, it struck me as watchable to good, plus points for having the first critter through the breach NOT be a t-rex.