Thursday, May 8, 2014

Watership Down Chapters Nine and Ten Review

Chapter Nine: The Crow and the Bean Field

Previously the bunnies have traversed the river. They have actually come a long way so far, for rabbits, and have no idea of where they are going. Across the river is a lovely looking field. While the others rest Hazel does a little recon and discovers...a cow. Nothing to see here folks, move along. Then, a crow. He follows the wonderful scent of wheat and barley and decides the field is a good place to hide.

Up and at em' bunnies. Rabbit speak for the day: 'hrududu' meaning 'tractor'.

All seems well enough until Pipkins starts screaming! The crow, the crow, the crow is trying to peck his eyes out! Hazel and Bigwig to the rescue.

The sudden influx of bunnies hopping all around scares the crow off. Will this be the end of Pipkin? Naw, he just has a thorn in his foot. Hazel's advice is, 'lick it till it feels better'. Solid advice.

Chapter Ten: The Road and the Common

The fields of wheat and barley are perfect to sleep in and the bunnies get some much needed rest. Asides from a little mishap to do with a rifle shot (SCATTER!) the bunnies convene to move along until they find....BLACK PAVEMENT. This reminds me of Hocus Pocus. Confronted with man's modern encroaching upon the wild the rabbits are befuddled. ('FIRM AS STONE, FIRM AS STONE')

But they say, 'screw it' and turn around to find a different path. Smart move, that way you don't become roadkill.

It's at this point where we have a full on revolt; half of the bunnies are tired of life on the road and are now fully convinced that Fiver is full of shit. Surprisingly Bigwig steps up to smash some heads together while Fiver asks to speak to Hazel alone.

Oh good, it's been a good five chapters since we've had any prophetic ravings. Five and Hazel climb a little hill and Fiver gestures to the far, far away hills.

'There! That place is the place we need to go'

Except it's waaaaaay long aways and Hazel is all, srly?

In the background you hear Bigwig screaming, 'you dog-eared, dung-faced disgrace to a gamekeepers gibbet'

Fiver does his trance thing and says, 'A mysterious trouble comes our way' then fades out.

How mysterious.

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