Friday, May 16, 2014

Watership Down Chapters Eleven and Twelve Review

Chapter Eleven: Hard Going

Hardships with Hierarchy; Hazel is getting a revolt on all sides and Bigwig ends up biting a bunny. Desperate bunnies stagger their way through the night. Owls, stoats and cocksfoot, oh my!

Fear not, little rabbits - there is a light at the end of the tunnel - ahead! A glorious field beckons!

Twelve: The Stranger in the Field

Sorry, but FINALLY something happens with this plot. Okay. Hooray, the bunnies are happy! They skip, they jump, and Fiver throws a wrench in it with gloom. They send a few bunnies out to scout and learn there is nothing here except for a Human path - no biggie.

Hark! What is that, there on the horizon? It's a new bunny, bunny that has never been seen before. How mysterious. Hazel goes to check it out.

The Stranger Danger bunny smells okay, isn't overly hostile and is super chill. Hazel is confused. 'WE'RE GOING TO LIVE HERE NOW, OKAY?!?' he shouts and the stranger bunny is like, 'lul, ok'

He follows Hazel back to meet the rest of the group and is all like, 'whuttup, I'm Cowslip, you can totes trust me - come back to the warren and meet the gang.'

The Fellowship of the Cottontail are not buying this.

He leaves them to mull things over and almost everybody says HELL YES but Fiver, that gloomy gus naysayer, says no - we should leave. So of course everybody ignores him and goes off to the strange warren. Ohhh foreshadowing is thick. What's going to happen?

Find out next chapter.

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