Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Watership Down Chapter 13 & 14 Recap

Chapter 13 Hospitality

The Fellowship of the Cottontail has gone to check out this supposed heaven on earth invited by the fat and beautiful Cowslip. All along the way everybody is noting small little things that juuuust aren't quite right.

The warren is out in the open, unprotected.

The bunnies of Cowslips pad are super relaxed, unheard of for twitchy little rabbits.

But as the rain starts to fall everybody mingles and plays and nibbles on grass that has been stored in the warren and generally has a grand old time. Why do I sense impending doom?

Chapter 14 'Like Trees in November'

Things get a little stranger; Hazel tries to recount their harrowing tail of survival in the big bad world but the Other bunnies are all, 'meh, don't care'

Hazel wants to feed about ground, even though its raining, and Cowslip laughs at him - laughter is not something animals do and it freaks Hazel out.

It seems the Other bunnies have been picking up some very human traits; laughter, singing and for some weird reason, shoving bricks up a dirt wall.

But our Fellowship are dumbasses and let all this slide under the bridge of suspicion. Morning arrives, Hazel awakes to the smell of cigarettes and freshly laid out food. Delicious, delicious food. Cowslip and the Others scramble outside and beg the Fellowship to help them squirrel it away like....well, squirrels. Another odd behavior.

At this point Hazel notices the complete non-activity on Fivers part and the strangely ambiguous answer he's getting (rather, not getting) from Cowslip - who would rather go, OH LOOK AT THE SKY when asked specific questions.

Fiver isn't happy. The Tingle is acting up something fierce and even the lurid call of carrots and grass cannot persuade him to stay at this warren. But instead of further plot development we're getting another stupid story. Tune in next time.

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