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The 100 Episode Eight Review

Previously on The 100

The world ended and now the fate of humanity is in the hands of teenagers. A storm comes, Finn is (still) stabbed, Silent Dude is ripped like a greek god, oh and gets tortured, Blondie has a fallout with her mama and Back in Space the mother ship plans to Exodus down, except they forgot a few life pods.

Episode Eight: Day Trip

Silent Dude is still chiseled like a mofo and still chained to the wall, nothing new here. Surprisingly Bellamy is taking a ‘no kill’ attitude after his little spat, er, talk with Octavia but what to do with him?

Raven has graduated up from a Tonka toy radio that cuts out if you look at it wrong to full on video broadcast. So by this point the search for Mount Weather has been completely forgotten, or written out by the screen writers because it hasn’t been mentioned since that first episode.

Now the Council want Blondie to go and find a fallout shelter that should be nearby, as winter is coming and they will all likely freeze before they survive. Evil Overlord asks for a bit of privacy to speak with Clark; turns out he wants her to forgive her mother for shoving her father out the airlock.

That’s a no go.

Meanwhile Captain Intrigue (the very same guy who gave Bellamy the gun and instructions to kill the Evil Overlord) decides to do some more intriguin’ and gives the order to some poor sap on Earth to kill Bellamy before he can spill the beans on him to the E.O.

Awkward romance from Finn/Raven, more awkward romance between Octavia and Silent Dude, who, you have to admit, does have rather mesmerizing abs. Apparently it’s sexy bathing time with Octavia – ‘I should get you cleaned up’ riiiiiiggght.

Instead of going for say, the head of Silent Dude, which is looking like someone took a baseball bat to it, or even his hand which was previously stabbed, she goes straight for… THE ABS OF DOOM. Octavia is also apparently mesmerized by the abs.

Wow, Silent Dude is no longer silent – his name is Lincoln (ha!) and he wants to impart his name for her to remember when he’s dead. Octavia pleads for him to speak to his captors, tell them that he isn’t their enemy but he replies,

“I am the enemy.”

I would like to take a moment here to ponder the question, WHAT THE HELL ARE THE GROUNDERS!?!?!

This is one plot device that is making NO SENSE WHATSOEVER. From day one they have been murderous FOR NO REASON. What- did they wake up one morning, see the drop ship fall from the sky and think, hmmm, I am offended by the ascent of that ship; I think I’ll skewer me a skinny rat teenager today.

And from henceforth they remain murderous and random and have NO REASON at ALL to attack these children who would probably have died from exposure or killed themselves anyway if they had left them alone.

And if these people are the survivors of the apocalypse (which obviously they are) uh, what the fuck – why are they so anxious to kill off the precious remaining few human beings that survived? Are they TRYING to extinguish humanity?


Anyway, back on Earth Blondie and Bellamy are in trudging in the forest – Bel volunteered to go with Blondie because he knows that the moment the Evil Overlord steps foot on earth his goose is cooked and he’s hoping to make an escape to… God knows where.

Back at camp, a mysterious nut is passed around as a snack and Raven gets it on with a previously stabbed Finn. Well, now we know THAT part of him isn’t broken. So, instead of saying, ‘Gee, Raven, I was kind of stabbed the other day maybe we could wait on the ol’ tumble in the hay’ he wants to…talk about his illicit sexy times with Blondie. Raven doesn’t care, they get it on.

Blondie and Bel find the shelter and it’s gutted like a century old corpse. Not much left except..! Inside barrels filled with cooking oil are semi-automatic rifles. Oh joy, just what Bellamy needs – another gun.

Back at camp the mysterious nuts turn out to be a powerful hallucinogen that has everybody trippin’ balls. Great; Teens on Drugs – we’re hitting ALL the stereotypes in this series.

Octavia is a smart cookie and realizes what’s going on and LIGHTBULB – has an idea. After giving the spazzing out Jasper an ‘anti-grounder’ stick to protect him she sashays herself on up to Silent Dudes guard, does a little song and dance and gives him the wonder nuts.

At the fallout shelter Blondie and Bel have also been snacking on the wonder nuts; that isn’t good news Would-Be Assassin Boy is still on the loose.

While Blondie is speaking to her dead father and Bel is off fighting the mother ship zombies and Evil Overlord our Would-be Assassin conks Blondie on the head and takes off after Bel.

The camp is having a good ol’ time and Silent Dude escapes with the help of Octavia. He grabs her face and gives her a kiss and skedaddles only to run smack into Finn. Finn is some kind of awesome because in a single moment he jerks his head, telling S.D. to go and forgives him for stabbing him all in one go. Away goes Silent Dude, into the night dressed in a hoodie.

Finally the drug is wearing off and Finn and Raven take over the camp as Mama and Papa giving us one hilarious moment of Raven telling a poor boy that he’s a ‘beautiful broom in a closet full of brooms’.

Bellamy faces his guilty conscious that blames him for the destruction of the radio and the consequent death of over three hundred people and begs for them to kill him. Well, someone answers him but it isn’t a hallucination it’s Would-Be assassin boy.

Scuffle, scuffle, scuffle – Blondie to the rescue and Bellamy stabs Would-be Assassin in the neck with… I didn’t see what it was – something sharp. Both collapse against a tree and have bonding time over yet another corpse. At least Charlotte isn’t around to pull a Psycho move on Bel this time.

Bellamy breaks down and admits he’s been pretty shitty to people, Blondie admits she can’t save people without him and they come to the agreement that both of them will return to camp and face their trials; Blondie with her mother and Bellamy with the Evil Overlord.

The B & B team return – with guns! Now is the time when we are no longer afraid of the completely random Grounders! Unite! We can solve everything with guns!

Yeah – can’t wait to see how that turns out.

Teens, drugs and guns – what a wonderful combo.

We end this episode with the B & B team on the intercom with Evil Overlord. E.O. does not look pleased to see Bellamy – he looks more like an alligator sizing up its next meal but Blondie steps in and says, ‘Look, we would have died without Bellamy here’ and Bel comes back with, ‘Yeah – AND you’ll never find out who was plotting against you unless you give me a pardon’

Captain Intrigues days of intriguing are up; he’s arrested and tossed into the slammer only to be visited by the ring leader of all the intriguing – Previous Counselor! I knew she was trouble.

Goodbye Captain Intrigue - your intrigue was short.

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