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The 100 Episode 10 Review

Previously on The Future is Filled With Rage Filled Sociopaths,

The world ended and now the fate of humanity is in the hands of teenagers. Diplomacy failed the Teens and the Grounders are gearing up for a slaughter. Which…isn’t really any different from the very beginning of the series. Treason on the Mother Ship and there is not ONE space craft in this universe that can apparently land without killing someone, or in this case, everyone.

Episode 10 I Am Become Death

So in the last episode the runaway ship to freedom crashed and burned horribly. We open this episode with the Teens sifting through the charred remains of the ship and the passengers, and supposedly Blondie’s mother.

Random arm is reaching for a feasible plot line.

Blondie ain’t happy (but then she never is) and Raven discovers rocket fuel, or whatever it was is leaking and is very explosive, HMMM I wonder if that will be a plot line later!?

Back at camp, Bellamy is stepping up in his leadering role and is actually doing a decent job of it.

Jasper is reaping the rewards of being a hero (or at least someone whose spastic aim accidently ended up saving Blondie in the previous episode) and it’s gone to his silly head. Jasper is being a douche. Like, a mega-douche. First he calls one of the girls who is interested in him ‘low-hanging fruit’ and then alienates and throws out his only friend, Engineer Guy when he points out the obvious that Octavia has zero interest in him, having found her own sexy kidnapper to boink. Jackass.

Awaiting retribution the Teens stalk about their camp with edgy nerves and twitchy trigger fingers. Hark! From the Dark! Who is it!?

Why, it’s Bellamy’s Hyena – returned from the wilderness. Or in this case he has returned from being tortured by the Grounders which smacks of shenanigans.

Why release him, or let him escape? Because those sneaky murderous Grounders infected the Hyena with a virus and now the whole camp is going to get it.

Ho, shit – Blondie starts bleeding from the eyes. That doesn’t bode well for her. Plague!!

So now blood is spurting everywhere, people are bleeding from the eyes, puking up blood and the Teens round up those people who have touched or been in contact with the Hyena. Including Octavia.

She isn’t showing any signs of infection but ho! Blondie is sneaky and sends Octavia away on a mission to speak to Silent Dude going under the command of Bellamy, who would never stand for it. Damn, I like Blondie.

But her efforts are to no avail because Silent Dude says there is no cure but no worries – its fast moving and if you don’t die puking blood within a day you’ll probably survive. Then he asks Octavia to run away with him. So romantic.

Octavia is being torn between her love of her kidnapper and loyalty to her brother and the other Teens. She returns to warn them that the Grounders will be attacking at dawn, when the virus has incapacitated almost everyone.

The Hyena, in the meantime, seems to have found a heart; his blood puking phase seems to have passed and he helps those around him.

The camp is in chaos, Mama Blondie is not happy with their misbehavior and Octavia returns with the good news and the Finn/Raven combo comes up with the idea to take out the bridge to slow down the Grounders; using up all the gun powder that they have left. What they will do AFTER they blow up the bridge and the Grounders keep coming and they have no weapons now is anybody’s guess.

Bellamy starts the ol’ bleeding from the eyes and before he goes down puking blood gives the responsibility of shooting the homemade bomb from a distance to Jasper, as he is the only one not ill.

This should be interesting.

Finn volunteers to set up the bomb but Raven takes off with it, refusing to let him put himself in danger. Except now SHE’S sick and stumbling all over the place. It seems the sickness also induces terrible strategy choices as she crashes through the forest with a flashlight.

Oh no, Raven, NO. Why are you setting up in plain sight on the middle of the bridge where anybody can pick you off with an arrow!? Seriously, I have doubts about their self-preservation skills.

The Hyena attempts to care of Bel and Bel ain’t having ANY of that and says, ‘yea I’m still gonna kill you when I get better’.

Dawn approacheth and Raven has the bomb set up and ready to go. Then she collapses. Good thing Jasper and Finn are right behind her. Finn pauses as he hears something. DRUMS! DRUMS IN THE DEEP! The Grounders are coming. With torches.

Raven crawls along the bridge to pick up the automatic rifle, attempting to sacrifice herself?

The Grounders leap through the woods and seriously; is this show TRYING to imitate the Uruk-hai?

Finn dashes into the rescue and drags her off the bridge (the tiny bridge, the tiny bridge that shouldn’t matter strategic-wise if it was blown or not because people could just walk down the small gully it sits over to the other side….)

Jasper is set up for the shot. Shooting a stationary, unmoving completely hittable, easily shootable target. SHOOOOT HEEERRRR!! SHOOOOOOOOT HEEEERRR!!

He misses.

But he DOES manage to warn the Grounders away from the bomb. Nice going. THEN he runs out of ammo. All seems lost until! Engineer guy pops out of the woods with another gun. SUCCESS!! The power of friendship prevails over all.

Everyone from camp watches the fireball rise into the sky and Blondie has an uncharacteristically creepy moment quoting Oppenheimer and the whole ‘I am the destroyer of worlds.’ Five bucks on Blondie taking over everything.

The camp is back to normal, the Grounders have been (momentarily) stopped and Octavia meets up with Silent Dude. She decides not to go with him as he runs for the hills. He tells her they are going to die and that the ‘mountain men are coming’ which conjures up some hilarious images, let me tell you, all to do with beaver skins, santa claus beards and antler horn helmets.

Poof. Finite. End of that relationship, Silent Dude heads for the hills and Octavia heads back to camp. They are not the only couple to end it; Raven can’t take the jealousy monster anymore and tells Finn that he can’t love her the way she wants him to (which I guess means that he must never look another woman in the eye EVER AGAIN and must stay within touching distance at all times) and ends that relationship too.

Again, there could be a serious opening for an alternative relationship but no – we go with good ol’ heteronormative relationships because the Apocalypse killed off everyone on the one side (and the middle) of the Kinsey scale.

Oh look, it’s the Hyena! Our sweet, reformed Hyena who has recovered from his illness and has been caring for people and has been acting like a proper human being. What? What’s this? He’s wetting a towel to wipe away sweat and blood from a previous enemy who would have strung him up. He’s wiping his face, he’s….smothering him to death.

O….kay, not reformed but back to his old sociopathic, power-hungry routine.

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