Thursday, May 29, 2014

Spring Anime Review: Kamigami no Asobi

Another new anime premiering this spring/summer: Kamigami no Asobi. In case it wasn't really



I'm going to be honest; this anime is so silly I can't even do a full review. I couldn't get past three episodes. You have your basic shoujo/harem ingredients; pure, honest Japanese school girl is sucked into another world. And the premise is just as ludicrous as the pictures up above. Zeus (yea, the Greek god Zeus? That one) decides for whatever reason (the world ending, bla bla bla) that Yui whatshername is the ONE. The ONE human girl who will teach an assortment of pretty boy gods how to 'love' humans. Oh God, it sounds like a horrible dating sim (was it? It wouldn't surprise me) and just goes to prove that Japan reaaaally needs to stop making anime out of dating sims.

First off, our girl Yui has a mullet. Anime mullets on girls DON'T WORK (see: Hikaru from Rayearth. Bugged the SHIT out of me when I watched that anime). Second of all the anime is getting their gods wrong; Thor has blue hair, a cold personality, doesn't carry a hammer and is best bros with Loki. Loki, Loki looks like a cat girl with red hair and is called the 'god of fire' which, bwuh? Pretty sure Loki was universally known as the trickster god.

That's just a small sampling of the pure fuckery of this anime. Zeus snaps his fingers, creates a Japanese school system complete with fake students and says, 'get learning about human ways'. To which 1/3 of the pretty boys are like, yea-no. And that's it, I can't get past the ridiculousness of this anime. To try and lure the gods into liking humans Yui and Apollo try to do a summer vacation to the beach and that's as far as I got before the spams from laughter overcame me.

IF you like this genre; empty, follows a harem formula, has the archetype male characters (Host Club much?) has a pure Japanese school girl at the center of the harem, ect. ect. hey you'll love it. I think I'll be moving onto something with a little more substance.

I give it a C.


  1. I liked Hikaru's hair! =P

  2. NOOOO!!!!!! Mullet's on girls don't wooooorrkk!!! Mullets in general don't wooorrrkk!!! But I do like Hikaru, just her bothers me...