Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Watership Down Chapters Seven and Eight

Chapter Seven: The Lendri and the River

Previously on Bunnies on Parade: the bunnies frolicked in the woods and then there was bunny story telling time. Uh oh! DANGER! The Lendri is on the loose! What the hell is a Lendri? Your guess is as good as mine. Let's play Mystery Animal.

What's got a 'long, dog-like head' and is 'striped black and white, has powerful paws and a great shaggy black body?' Damned if I know. Beaver? Badger? Tasmanian Devil? Escaped convict?

Well, it's not interested in the bunnies because its already eaten some hapless critter. Whew, score one for the Fellowship of the Cottontails.

Then there was the river, which to little bunnies must seem like a crazy impossible obstacle.

Bigwig is a dick.

But across the meadow is a dewy golden meadow, enticing the bunnies into the water.

Chapter Eight: The Crossing

The bunnies come down to the sandy cove of the bend of the river and stare out at the moving water.

'Yeaaaaah, no. Let's eat.' Says Hazel.

Cool, yo. The bunnies distract themselves with grass. Fiver inches up to Hazel and says, 'Uh, yea - we need to cross that, like, pronto.'

Dissent in the ranks! The bunnies are tired of their adventure and they are only like, eight chapters into the story. Sheesh. Somehow the weakest of the group, Pipkin, injured himself. How the hell did he do that? Was rolling along at a sedate pace too much and he cut himself on a bluebell?! I can see who is going to get eaten first.

Bigwig continues to be a dick.

Bluebell proves himself clever and says, 'hey, Bigwig, you big strong strapping bunny you, why don't you swim across first and tell us what's on the other side?'

Which happens to be a dog. Rather, a dog on the wrong side of the river within distance of the other bunnies. SWIM FOR YOUR LIIIIVES!

But Pipkin is injured! Another flash of genius from that Da Vinci of cottontails - Blueberry suggests moving Pipkin onto a floating bit of wood.

WHAT IS THIS SORCERY!? 'HE'S SITTING ON WATER' the bunnies are shocked and amazed and successfully navigate the river.

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