Friday, April 25, 2014

Watership Down Chapters 5 &6 Recap

Chapter Five: In The Woods

The bunnies have escaped the communist regime and dash away from their homey warren. Then they realize they weren't really cut out for an epic journey and twitch and start at every sound coming from the deep dark forest.

I'm kind of surprised they haven't shivered themselves into an early grave yet.

So they get like twenty feet away and have to stop for the evening because rabbits aren't really built for long distances.

'Tell me a bedtime story'

All righty then bunnies, strap yourselves in for the story of El-ahrai....el-harai- el- .... goddamnit, El-Hazard the 'Prince with a Thousand Enemies'.

Chapter Six: The Story of the Blessing of El-....El-ahrairahahaa....El-Hazard

Whatup, Frith made the world. El-whatshisname is a total polygamist, yo. He's got like a thousand wives and is breeding like a, well, rabbit and all the little El- Hazard's are destroying the ecosystem.

Frith is not pleased at the bunny sex.

Frith sends Frithy Foxy assassins to eat El-Hazard.

El-Hazard sticks his head down a hole and gets his ass blessed.

Out of his ass grows a great white fluffy tail that somehow magically saves him from getting eaten and now all of his billions of descendants will have 'all the world as your enemy' because rabbit is delicious and copious amounts of sex should be punished. The end. There's your goddamn bedtime story, you little furry turds. Now shut up and go to bed.

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