Thursday, April 3, 2014

Watership Down Chapter Two Recap

Oh, they're cute and fluffy now


So we left off with Fiver having bad mojo about something and spazzing out all over the meadow screaming about blood to the dismay of Hazel. We pick up this chapter with little bunny nightmares; specifically Fiver's as he continues to be plagued by The Tingle and kicks Hazel in his sleep, waking them both up inside their snuggly corner of the warren.

"Tunnel of WAATERRRRR, TUNNEL OF WAATERRRRRR." Don't ask me, Fiver is a strange little monkey.

So Fiver continues his, 'we gotta get outta here!' rhetoric and Hazel is all 'hurrr, derp, where to, Fiver?'. I'm getting a sense of Brains vs Brawn here. But, Hazel hits on a stunning idea; let's tell the Chief about Fiver's Cassandra-esque hysterical screaming-about-blood-and-doom warnings! I'm sure there will be little to no mocking whatsoever.

Off to see the King of the Rabbits who apparently has his own bunny castle with his own over-muscled brawny bunny bouncer. Aaaaand apparently everybody hates Fiver. Wow, he's like a bunny pariah. The guard gives them crap but out of respect for the equally muscled and sparsely brained Hazel he lets them in to see the Chief whose name translates as pfffft Lord Rowan Tree. Okay then.

"Have some lettuce."

Wow, Hazel and Fiver are siblings, apparently. All right, Fiver, here's your chance! Your one chance to save the warren, to avert destruction and doom, to show all of Bunnydom how awesome you are-

"B-but it's bad. It's so b-bad that - it's very bad!"


It's like my freshman year of debate all over again. I hear ya, Fiver, public speaking is a bitch. Naturally, this does not go over well with the King and he is more or less pitying and condescending and basically goes 'Yup. Kay' Thanx BYE, don't the door hit your little bunny ass on the way out'

Those little bunnies are SO doomed. Again, SUPER short chapter; this was like three pages long. I think I may have to up the updates to like two or three times a week to get anywhere with this story.

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