Friday, April 18, 2014

Watership Down Chapter 4 Recap

Chapter Four: The Departure

Alternatively called The Chapter in Which They Waited. More bunny speak: Fu Inle means 'after moonrise' and the first part of the chapter spirals into a very long explanation of how animals, birds, flocks communicate, which is through a sort of shared telepathy. (True fact: Alexender Key wrote a book about this phenomena in the 70's entitled 'The Strange White Doves'. Key is an extraordinary underrated sci-fi author that everybody should know. Escape to Witch Mountain? That's him. His Incredible Tide inspired Future Boy Conan. Incredible work, go read it. //end rant)

Anyhow the POV of this chapter now seems to be in Hazel's favor as he describes the bunny brigade sliding out of their warren to wait for the Fellowship to show up. We have some more nervous, twitchy types like Fiver in the group and some of the Owsla badasses are on their way. Toadflax, the hilariously named antagonist bunny is ranting about them stirring up trouble with Fiver's dire portent of doom and screams PLOT, YOU ARE PLOTTING AGAINST THE CHIEF. Which they aren't.

Finally Bigwig shows up with one or two other brawny bunnies in tow and - oh, snap! They were followed by the chief of the brawny bunny brigade, Holly, who wants them arrested immediately for treasonous plotting!

'You are under arrest for spreading dissention and in aiding to mutiny'

Pirate bunnies?

Ohhh, then he calls them comrade.

Communist bunnies?

At any rate, Bigwig doesn't need much prodding to fling himself into violence, which is exactly what he does - wailing and kicking on Holly. Holly's bunny backup makes a break for it and Hazel goes all badass and says,

'Go or we'll kill you.'

And Holly replies, like all good villain's and bullies everywhere with a resounding I'll Get You For This!! And scampers off.

Right. Now it's REALLY time to skedaddle. So they do.

Okay, I am officially upping the recap to two chapters at a time because they remain ridiculously short. Next time I'll do 5 and 6 and hopefully get more than three paragraphs of writing out of them.

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