Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Watership Down Chapter 3 Recap

Chapter Three: Hazel's Decision

We last left off with Fiver and Hazel trying to convince the big bunny chief that it was time to skedaddle but he was having none of that. So in a reverse of character Hazel is all decision making and smart and goes, 'Well, we tried - if everything goes to hell in a handbasket we can at least say we told you so'

So the bunnies are gathered on the sweet summer scented hills and are gossiping like little old ladies in a salon parlor, figuring out what to do next. No one believes Fiver's hysterical rants of doom but for some reason everybody believes Hazel when he says, 'Yup, time to go'

We are now gathering the Fellowship of the Ring - er, no more like the Fellowship of adorable cotton tails. We have Bigwig whose all big and brawny and pushy and was tired of being Owlsa anyway, and then Blackberry who wants to get his groove on. Really -> there are 'too many bucks in this warren' and it's 'pretty poor fun for any rabbit but the Owlsa' because I guess the lady rabbits would rather rut with them? Allrighty then, pervy rabbits.

And that's...that's it. The rabbits are gearing up for escape from the warren and that chapter was like eight paragraphs. Damn. Fine, I'll do another chapter soonish.

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