Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hasbeens Update

Hasbeens is an original fiction I'm working on that falls into the sci-fi category. There will be interesting characters, psychics, murder, mayhem and hopefully some humor. I've actually been sitting on this piece of work for about three years now, working on it off and on. I hope that by putting up here people will harass me into finishing it.


I have this idea to make it into a kind-of comic. Rather, write the story and add illustration to it. So I don't know what category that falls under. Anyhow, if I ever needed feedback on something Hasbeens is it. When writing a novelization the words, the ideas are already there. It isn't really mine, but original fiction is a tender thing to my heart. It's difficult putting a part of yourself out there for all the world to see, especially on the internets.

But I digress; the prologue is up and now I'm thinking about how to format the story. Publish here on the blog? Or find another server and link it? I'm really, really bad with graphic design and blogs so whatever is simple...


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